Michelin star chef who forgot to thank his mum on wedding day bakes her a humple pie to apologise

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A Michelin star chef was so horrified at forgetting to thank his mum on his wedding day he baked her a humble pie.

Richard Bainbridge, 30, overcame his dyslexia to deliver his big speech word-perfect as he tied the knot with bride Katja.

He thanked everyone right down to the tea lady who catered for their reception before leaving for a honeymoon in Iceland.

Michelin starred chef Richard Bainbridge, his mother Jill and the Humble Pie he made her after forgetting her in his wedding speech

Michelin starred chef Richard Bainbridge, his mother Jill and the humble pie he made her after forgetting her in his wedding speech

But as he stepped onto the plane horrified Richard realised he had forgotten to thank his mother Jill, 65, who brought him up single-handedly.

She helped him battle his dyslexia and supported him in his early days as he tried to make the grade as a chef.

Red-faced Richard – who was still a young boy when his dad left home – was so mortified he made his own thank-you for his mum as soon as he returned from holiday.

He crafted a special large pork pie with the words “Sorry mum” on the top.

Richard, head chef at the luxury Morston Hall hotel in Norfolk, said: “The wedding day was absolutely perfect.

“When it came to my speech, I was quite nervous and flustered.

“I did all my thank-yous but somehow, and it makes me feel sick every time I think about it, I forgot to mention my mum.

“Mum got me my first part-time kitchen job when I was just 13 and she has been amazing ever since.

“She’s a rubbishy driver but she still used to ferry me all around the country for my work and she really supported me.

“She is the most important person in my life next to Katja and she means the world to me.

“She’s been my mother, my father and my best friend.

“It was a massive battle for her having to bring up two kids and I love her so much.

“She’s the most inspirational woman I’ve ever met, the strongest person I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t ever want her to feel that I take her for granted.”

Richard had his sister Gemma, 36, as his ‘best woman’  – but she was so nervous about her own speech she forgot to remind him about their mum.

Richard, of Briston, Norfolk, added: “I couldn’t believe it – the one person who deserved the biggest thanks and I’d forgotten her.

“I have dyslexia so I didn’t have any notes and just did it off the cuff. I thanked everyone down to the tea lady and waiters but forgot the most important person.

“She did that thing that mums do. She said it was fine and that we didn’t need to talk about it again but I know that her feelings were hurt.”

Richard recently took part in BBC2’s Great British Menu where he created “something funny on a plate” for Comic Relief and his mum also appeared in the programme.

She helped him get him his first job in a pub when he was just 13 and at 16 he was a pot-washer in the same restaurant where he is now head chef.

During his training Richard has worked alongside the Roux brothers at their famous Waterside Inn at Bray, Berks.

Richard and Katja, 29, who have been together for seven years, got married in Briston, Norfolk, on May 25.

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