Men prefer sex in the morning while women like it late at night, survey finds

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Men prefer to have sex first thing in the morning before going to work while women like at night, researchers have found.

A survey for 2,300 adults discovered that men are most amorous between 6am and 9am while women were ‘on heat’ from 11pm – 2am.

The peak time for men to engage in sex with their partner was 7.54am compared with women who chose 11.20pm.

Men prefer sex in the morning while women like it late at night, a study has found

Men prefer sex in the morning while women like it late at night, a study has found

The findings from sex toy site Lovehoney shed light on the preferred bedroom habits between genders.

They discovered that only one in six men chose night time as their preferred time to make love, while just one in nine women picked early morning.

Lara Wade from Birmingham-based online sex store Temp Me Tease Me, believes that men struggled to relax at night as they often carried the day’s stresses with them to bed.

She said: ‘Whilst the statistics about men and women wanting sex at different times of the day are interesting, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in them.

‘If you are looking to find a reason why you and your partner aren’t working, then it’s a sign that your relationship is already heading for the flames. As for the differences in peak times of sexual desire, it’s likely this has always been the case and since men and women have been able to make it work for centuries, there’s no evidence to suggest that it’s now any different.

‘With the acceptance of adult toys and sex aids, there are however new and exciting ways to help stimulate you or your partner’s sex drive.’

In addition to optimal sex times for men and women, the study also found that sex drive compatibility is important as most people settle down with a partner of similar sexual needs. In the survey women (63 per cent) and men (54 per cent) said that their current partners wanted sex around the same number of times as they did.

However, that doesn’t mean men and women always pick partners with similar sex drives to them. According to the study, both men and women admitted to being involved in past relationships where sex drives were very mismatched.

Whilst over half of the men polled reported that their sexual desire was constant, 36 per cent of women admitted it was affected by their mood. And mood isn’t the only factor that can affect sexual interest. Other common factors include hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menopause, medication, fatigue, stress and relationship issues.

Lara  added: ‘It’s not really surprising that men and women with mismatched sex drives struggle to make their relationships work. It leads to one person feeling rejected and the other feeling pressured, which aren’t the feelings you should have in a happy and loving relationship.’

Tempt Me Tease Me’s range of sex toys can be fun for any couple no matter how often or when they prefer to be intimate, Lara added.



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