Meet Orange Dee! 4ft 11ins fake-tan loving granny set to become new star of Benefits Street

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This 4ft 11ins granny is set to become the star of the new Benefit Street series – a tracksuit-wearing fake tan addict nicknamed ‘Orange Dee’.

Grandmother-of-six Dot Taylor, 48, hasn’t worked for at least 20 years and has given up looking for employment because she claims there aren’t any jobs.

The mother hen of her street in Stockton, Teeside, is one of dozens of residents taking part in the second series of the Channel 4 show.

Dorothy "Doris" Taylor from the Tilsley Estate in Stockton who will be starring in the next series of Benefits street

Dorothy “Doris” Taylor from the Tilsley Estate in Stockton who will be starring in the next series of Benefits street

Residents of a run-down Birmingham estate who took part in the first series have become stars, including infamous Big Brother contestant ‘White Dee’.

Now little Dot wants to be the new matriarch of the TV series and hopes it could bring her fame and fortune, just like her namesake.

The perma-tanned mum-of-five said: “I would be ‘Little Dee’ – I’m fun, me – because of my size.  I’m only little, I’m only 4ft 11.

“I don’t get took for my age, people think I’m younger, I act like a kid.  It doesn’t bother me.

“I wouldn’t mind being the next White Dee.  I’m not horrible, I’m nice to people.

“I could become famous – if I do I’ll let you know.”

TV crews started filming in Kingston Road earlier this week and have spent the last few days trying to win over the trust of the locals.

Homes in the street – which stand in the shadow of Holme House Prison – cost an average #50,000 and one in five residents is on benefits.

Dot and her husband have lived in a council house on adjacent Cowper Road for more than 20 years and she has already taken part in filming.

They have four sons – aged 30, 28, 27 and 22 – and one daughter, 17, as well as six grandchildren all under the age of seven – plus one on the way.

She wouldn’t reveal how much they get in benefits, but admitted neither had worked for more than 20 years.

She said she had “all sorts of jobs” in the past – including stints in a crisp factory and a nursing home – but had now “given up” looking for a job.

“I stopped working for the kids really,” she said.

“Most of them [jobs adverts] they say you have to have loads of qualifications, but most people who even have the qualifications can’t get a job anyway.

“They just end up giving up.

“What’s the point in having all these GCSEs and A-levels when you still can’t get a job.

“There’s no jobs – but I think that’s all over, not just the area.”

The films crews have only been on the estate for a few days, but already local MPs have slammed the production crew and urged locals to pull out of the show.

But Dot reckons they have nothing to worry about and doesn’t mind the arrival of the camera.

“We don’t get nout like this down here,” she said. “It’s a bit of a change.

“I don’t mind them being here, me.  I don’t mind what people think – it’s just what people think – other than that, it’s alright.

“The film crew have been filming about the area.

“They were asking me how it was years ago, how people come together round here, that’s it really.

“We can all go out and leave your door open, you can trust your neighbours, and it should be like that.

“And all the crime has gone down from how it was.

Asked if she was worried the area would be portrayed in a bad light, she said: “No I’m not worried.

“It shouldn’t happen.  What you get from this area is the truth.  There is nout bad.

“You know when people condemn the area and say ‘I wouldn’t live there’ that you get that anywhere.  But this is where I have been brought up.

“It should come across fine.

“There are lots of characters on my street.  I can always have a laugh with them and things, people are always nattering and that.”

Speaking of the last series she said her favourite residents were drug and booze-addled Fungi, 44 – real name James Clarke – and Deirdre Kelly, aka White Dee, who is now on Big Brother.

“I could go in there after this – the things I would get up to, it would be brilliant,” joked Dot.

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