McDonald’s refuse to serve man in tracksuit

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Staff at a McDonald’s restaurant got a surprise after they refused to serve a tracksuit-wearing teen only for the youngster to return 15 minutes later – wearing a shirt and tie.

McDonald's refuse to serve man in tracksuit

Scott Wilson, 16, was shocked when jobsworth employees at the Leyland McDonald’s in Preston, Lancashire wouldn’t serve him because he was ‘under 18 and wearing a tracksuit after 7pm’.

The fast food restaurant had recently implemented a dress code following trouble from youths – with Scott’s attire failing the zero tolerance policy.

An angry Scott, who had just finished work, stormed off home and returned 15 minutes later, sporting a shirt and tie – and was promptly served.

He said: “I feel really upset about it. We couldn’t just let it lie. They are stereotyping all young people, and it is not fair.

“They didn’t make us feel welcome at all, and we weren’t even going to eat in, we were taking out.

“What really made me mad, was when a lad in his 20s came in behind us, wearing the exact same clothing, and he got served straight away.

“We feel like we are being discriminated against, and believe that, even after a hard day’s work, we cannot call in unless we have been home and changed into business clothes.”

The owner of the restaurant apologised for Scott’s embarrassing situation, but was refusing to budge on the controversial dress code.

Nigel Dunnington said: “He may well be an innocent victim, and there may well be others. Unfortunately, the smaller minorities will, in the very short term, be tarred with the same brush.”


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