Man receives death threats and can’t leave the house – because his Identical twin is a convicted paedophile

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A man says he is getting death threats and can’t leave home because his identical twin – is a convicted PAEDOPHILE.

Stuart Forson (left) with his twin Graham (SWNS)

Stuart Forson (left) with his twin Graham (SWNS)

Distressed Stuart Forson, 38, is afraid to step outside after a barrage of abuse ever since his brother Graham’s conviction.

Graham was jailed in November 2013 for inciting a child under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity.

He was caged after sending a young boy he met at church a string of vile messages on Facebook.

Graham was released from prison two and a half years ago and moved to Exeter, Devon, after serving six months sentence of his nine month sentence.

Last Wednesday Graham had his picture shared over 500 times on the Facebook page ‘UK Paedo’s Exposed’.

Stuart, also of Exeter, says his front door has been vandalised and his two young children are even being bullied at school.

And he has now been forced to publicly state “I am not a paedo” amid a desperate plea for the public not to confuse him with his ‘evil’ twin.

A picture of Graham was circulated alongside a message which reads: “This convicted paedo is happily moving amongst people covering up his dirty secret, living a normal life whilst his victim suffers.

“Warning to the people of Exeter, this convicted pervert is now released from prison and is residing in the Sidwell Street area of Exeter.”

Stuart Forson (L) & paedophile twin brother Graham Forson (R)

Stuart Forson (L) & paedophile twin brother Graham Forson (R)

But Stuart, who says he has never got on with his brother, says he and his fiancée, Heather Avery, are now “depressed” and “unable to leave home”.

Stuart’s striking resemblance to his brother, aside from tattoos on his forearms, has also led to death threats from those who have confused their appearance.

He said: “People are after me because they think I’m my brother. I never leave the house alone.

“If you got a picture of me and one of my brother you would see – we look alike but you can tell us apart.

“People have shouted ‘paedo’ in the street. I had ‘paedo’ written across my door and had my keyhole glued.

“Everyone stares at me when I go out on the street.

“We have become depressed by the entire situation and we just want to stress to people that he is my identical twin but his crimes have nothing to do with me.”

Stuart, a former security guard who is epileptic and cannot work due to a brain injury 16 years ago, said he just wants his home city of Exeter, Devon, to know that he is innocent.



He added: “I have a clean record. I was quite respected round Exeter and he has ruined it.

“I do not think my brother is bothered by what I am facing at all. He see’s it as someone sharing the flack with him.”

“He said last night to my fiancéé that he wanted me to be the paedo and not him.

“I saw him in the pub – he had the balls to come down to the local where we play darts.

“Three people had to hold me back. I’m not a violent person but he has made my life hell.

“I have never liked him. I tolerate him but never got along with him.”

Stuart said that the police are now on “red alert” since his front door got damaged – but his children, aged five and 11, are being bullied in school.

Fiancéé Heather, 28, who cares for Stuart, is also finding it difficult.

“Wherever he goes he is getting it,” she said. He even got shouted at at a bowling alley.

“It’s not aimed at me but when I’m with Stuart it’s unbearable.”

Graham Forson was described in court as a “lonely churchgoer” who befriended a Christian couple before sending explicit messages to their teenage son on Facebook.

Judge John Harrow sentenced Forson to nine months in prison for inciting a child under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity.

Sitting at Bournemouth Crown Court, the judge told said he had hoped the string of messages to the young boy “may lead to some form of sexual contact in the future.”

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