Man with TWO penises becomes internet hit after posting pictures online

January 2, 2014 | by | 1 Comment

A man who claims to have two penises has become an instant internet hit after posting pictures of his bizarre genitals on a forum.

The anonymous man – who goes by the moniker ‘DoubleD*ckDude’ – attracted more than 12,000 comments within a few hours of uploading the images to Reddit.

He claimed to have two fully-functioning penises – each capable of operating independently from the other – and included two pictures with the time and date.

His post caused a frenzy and the man then spent six hours online answering some of the thousands of questions he received.

When he was asked how people react to his unusual crotch, he replied: “It varies from girl to girl.

“Some have been like ‘wow’. Some have been like ‘that’s fake!’ Some have freaked out like, called me names.

“Most are pretty curious, but I don’t have casual sex anymore, I stopped a few years back.”

The man, believed to be American, revealed in an Ask Me Anything thread that he has one pair of testicles which split into two fully-formed penises that are individually able to achieve erection and climax.

He claimed he was in a bisexual relationship with a man and a woman.

Around one in every six million boys are born with two penises, but most have one removed at an early age.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All you can do is write stories of the man with two penises. Who has the guts to show some photos. I am very curious to see just how this is possible and for that, I need to see photos. Everyone is trying to get a story about this guy based on photos no one has seen.

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