Man horrified as doctors discover lump on his chest is the tip of a 1.3kg tumour the size of a FOOTBALL

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A super-fit man has had a tumour the size of a FOOTBALL removed from his chest.

Steven Barker from Chorley, Lancashire who had a massive 1.5kg tumour removed from his chest (SWNS)

Steven Barker from Chorley, Lancashire who had a massive 1.5kg tumour removed from his chest (SWNS)

Steve Parker, 57, visited a doctor because of a small growth – only to learn it was actually the tip of a massive 1.3kg tumour.

He had no idea the tumour was even there, or that it would have killed him if it had been allowed to keep growing around the bones in his chest.

His surgeon, Manoj Purohit, who removed the tumour at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre, said: “Neither myself or my colleagues have ever seen a tumour this big in this hospital.

“If it had been left unnoticed much longer it would have kept on growing and would have proved fatal.”

Xray picture of Steven Barker (SWNS)

Xray picture of Steven Barker (SWNS)

The tumour was in fact so big, it had moved the heart backwards as well as compressing Steve’s lungs.

But just days after surgery, stunned Steve has already been allowed home after impressing doctors with his recovery.

He said: “It was all very quick from being sent for the scan through to going in for the operation.

“I just went with the flow really as I had no other choice. I could have done nothing and have been dead in months.

“So I kept a positive attitude and left myself in the hands of the experts. I’m really grateful for what has been done.”

Tumour 2

During the procedure, Steve’s breast bone and five of his ribs had to be removed for surgeons to access the tumour.

They were then replaced using prosthetics by Dr Iyer Srinvasan.

He said: “I have known people with less severe surgery spend seven weeks in hospital. To be in and out again in seven days is remarkable.

“Mr Barker’s positive attitude and high level of fitness has helped dramatically.”

Steve, of Chorley, Lancs., added: “Considering all that has happened to me I can’t believe how good I feel. It goes to show how keeping fit and healthy can pay off.”

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