Man ‘bit his neighbour’s penis after being asked to turn down his music’

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A man was so angry at being told to turn down his music he stormed to his neighbour’s house and sank his teeth into his PENIS, a court heard.

Jason Martin, 41, allegedly stooped down and bit and gnawed Richard Henderson’s manhood through his pyjamas.

Mr. Henderson, 39, said Martin chomped on his genitals ‘like a sandwich’ and left him bleeding and in excruciating pain.

Jason Martin is on trial on Canterbury crown court, pictured, accused of biting his neighbour's penis

Jason Martin is on trial on Canterbury crown court, pictured, accused of biting his neighbour’s penis

He needed stitches both inside and outside his penis in a delicate hospital operation.

Asked to describe the attack Mr. Henderson told a jury: “My willy was not attached to the rest of my body.

“I have never experienced that kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to experience it ever again.”

Police called to the scene found Martin “with blood over his mouth.”

But the accused denied biting his neighbour and allegedly said: “How could I bite him…I have no teeth?”

Photographs of the injury were shown to the six man- six women jury at Canterbury Crown Court after they were warned “they don’t make pleasant viewing.”

Martin, of Dover, Kent, denies wounding Mr Henderson with intent to cause him serious harm in the row in June last year.

Prosecutor Mary Jacobson said the attack happened when Mr. Henderson and his partner Michelle Hilton grew annoyed at the late night music from Martin’s flat next door.

She said: “The two men both lived with their families in the block of flats.

“Martin’s flat is on the ground floor and to one side of a flat where the Hendersons lived.

“On the evening of June 23, Mr Henderson’s partner Michelle Hilton sent a text to the defendant complaining about the volume of the music coming from the flat.”

She claimed that Martin then went to his neighbour’s flat “to confront him” about the text and pyjama-clad Mr Henderson opened the door.

She added: “A verbal altercation ensued, which culminated in the defendant reaching around Mr Henderson’s back with one hand and grabbing him by the crotch – his penis and testicles – with the other hand and then pulling Mr Henderson out of his doorway.

“Once out of the flat a scuffle ensued during which the defendant pushed Mr Henderson against a wall, stooped down and bit into and gnawed at, Mr Henderson’s penis.”

She told the jury that the victim screamed out in pain as Ms Hilton began shouting for help.

The prosecutor added: “A female neighbour came out and saw the defendant with his face at Mr Henderson’s crotch and tried without success to pull the defendant off him.

“A male friend of the neighbour then also came out and managed to pull Martin away as Mr Henderson shouted: ‘He’s bitten me!’ and blood could be seen in Mr Henderson’s crotch area.

Martin allegedly told police he had been attacked after the two had argued over the music and he had grabbed Mr Henderson’s penis in self-defence.

The trial continues.

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