Looking for love? Perfect partner lives just 41 miles away

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Calling all singletons…if you’re looking for love, you shouldn’t have to travel too far – because the perfect partner lives just 41 miles away, research revealed yesterday.

A study carried out among 2,000 adults who have met Mr or Mrs Right found that on average their other half lived just over 40 miles away when they met.

The research also found most couples were brought together following a meeting in a pub or bar, arranged through friends.

But it also emerged that one in three people fell in love and got together with someone who lived just five miles away at the time.

In fact 38 per cent of the 2,000 adults polled fell for someone in the same town while around one in five found their true love in the same village.

And it seems we are a nation of romantics with more than half of adults believing that finding true love is down to fate.

Benjamin Bak, founder of Lovoo, a location based dating app, said: “When you’re single all you can think about is if, and when you’re going to meet the love of your life and where you will meet them.

“This research should be encouraging to anyone hoping to find a partner as it shows that they aren’t on the other side of the world or hundreds of miles away.

“Although many couples meet whilst travelling the world or studying far from home, the odds are that we are likely to end up with someone living in the same area.”

The study also found of those polled 16 per cent said that distance was an issue when they first met their life-long partner, but they knew after three and a half months that they were the ‘one’ so persevered with the travelling.

But a brutal 18 per cent said they have only ever been interested in pursuing relationships with people that live in a 24 mile radius.

With the main reason being that long distances relationships simple don’t work and 48 per cent said that long distance relationships were too costly to consider.

A fussy 36 per cent said they wanted to settle down with someone from the same area and the ultra-picky wanted to marry someone that went to the same school as them.

Three quarters felt that living closely to each other in the early stages of a relationship makes things run more smoothly.

An upbeat 68 per cent of adults said that distance is irrelevant when it comes to love and a romantic and 57 per cent said they would have travelled anywhere in the world to be with their partner when they first met.

The survey found a soppy 61 per cent said they believe there is someone special out there for everyone although a cynical 38 per cent felt that your odds of meeting ‘the one’ were slim to none.

Benjamin Bak added: “Wanting to date someone in the same area is a practical approach to dating.

“Many people find the pressure of long distance relationships too much both financially and emotionally.

“Our app allows you to be spontaneous and meet people near you via its live radar.”

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