Louis Saha: your replacement Ferrari has arrived

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Everton footballer Louis Saha was involved in a serious car crash on Sunday, badly damaging his Ferrari 458 Italia.

Amazingly, despite smashing the front wing and damaging the side panels, the injury-prone striker emerged from the wreck unscathed.

If the former Manchester United striker is looking to replace his Ferrari 458 – then he might want to take a test-drive in this wild-looking Mansory Siracusa which has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Louis Saha - you replacement Ferrari has arrived

Saha, who is renowned for his flamboyant fashion sense, might see the Ferrari 458-based Siracusa as the perfect addition to his recently-depleted garage.

German tuner Mansory has given the Ferrari 458 a new bodykit designed to increase downforce and make the car more stable at high speed.

The tuner has fitted the Siracusa with 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the rear while new shock absorbers stiffen up the ride.

Mansory completed the mad-looking makeover by replacing the rear window with carbon blades and giving it an outrageous paintjob.

Louis Saha - you replacement Ferrari has arrived

Overall weight is down 70kg compared to a factory-finished Ferrari 458 – as owned by Frank Lampard and Gordon Ramsay.

The weight loss, combined with a small power boost from 580bhp to 590bhp gives the supercar a top speed of 205mph (up 3mph).

Source: GT Spirit

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