Lord Alan Sugar in Twitter row with Chris Evans

December 9, 2010 | by | 5 Comments

Lord Alan Sugar has entertained his Twitter followers after becoming embroiled in a public spat with Chris Evans.

Lord Alan Sugar in Twitter row with Chris Evans

The Amstrad entrepreneur began throwing insults after the Radio 2 presenter joked pointed out that his autobiography was outselling Sugar’s.

Evans wrote: “I am breathing down the neck of Lord Sugar in Sunday Times top ten. Coming up fast on the outside – please aide overtaking. Ta.”

Lord Sugar, who has been using his Twitter account to relentlessly plug his new autobiography, didn’t take kindly to the comment, replying: “u only got there as my readers could not get to the shops due to snow. Your readers work in the shops.”

Evans then replied: “Is Lord Sugar saying that no one who works in a shop should read his book? What a bizarre message for a retail entrepreneur!”

Sugar then came back with: “omg the moral stance from someone who pinches bbc colleagues jobs poor Wogan and Chiles. You are mixing me up sunshine never been in retail in my life. Hope facts in your book more accurate.”

He then teased Chris Evans over his much-publicised battle with alcohol, saying: “I am worried u might take my role in the apprentice – New format 16 people battle it out to find Britain’s biggest boozer.”

Lord Sugar has attracted a huge following on Twitter thanks to his banter with fellow celebrities such as Piers Morgan, with whom he has a £5000 bet on who can amass the most followers by Christmas.

This morning he was poking fun at the Britain’s Got Talent presenter, who tweeted he was boarding a flight to New York, saying: “Get on that bloody plane and give us some peace for six hours. Whats your flight number want to send apology to cabin staff they don’t know what they are letting themselves in for.”

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  1. Smee says:

    Suger you are a Tw@t leeching off any poor b@stard that works for you. I will NEVER work for a greedy B@stard like you.

  2. sharky says:

    I have read Lord Sugars autobiography he is a artist at work if you can not see that you must an inferior human being

  3. Dann-b-e says:

    Good to see someone of his age having a bit of fun with twitter – after all thats what its there for!

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