Lollipop lady forced to quit job of 30 years – after being accused of improper conduct for eating a LOLLY on duty

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Christine Tully, 62, from Derbyshire (SWNS Group)

Christine Tully, 62, from Derbyshire (SWNS Group)

A lollipop lady says she left her beloved job of almost 30 years after being accused of improper conduct – for eating an ice LOLLY.

Gutted Christine Tully, 62, said she was “devastated” to be leaving the job she loved just months before retirement.

The grandmother had been safely getting pupils from Hunloke Park Primary School in Wingerworth, Derbs., across the street for nearly three decades.

But she has now quit because she claims she got the cold shoulder after she had an ice cream while on duty.

Devastated Christine, from Tupton, Derbs., left on September 29 following a meeting with headteacher Julie Cadman.

Christine said: “My brother came to pick me up on a glorious day and asked me if I’d like an ice cream.

“I told him that I couldn’t while on-duty, so he brought one over for as soon as I’d finished. I was still in the uniform, but its hardly smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol.

“I was planning to take retirement in a couple of months anyway, it’s just a shame that such a long career has had to end so badly – nobody wants that.

“I feel bad that I’ve just disappeared and didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye to all the children, but I refused to be accused by the head like that.”

She added: “My three children, who are all in their 30s, went to Hunloke Primary. So a lot of the children that were friends with ours are now mums with their own children.”
Christine said both her and her husband have been affected by what has happened.

Headteacher Mrs Cadman said: “Mrs Tully has been a huge part of life here at Hunloke Park Primary School for almost 29 years and I’d like to thank her for her years of dedication in helping our children – past and present – get to and from school safely.

“Derbyshire County Council is currently looking for someone to replace Mrs Tully on Lodge Drive.”

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