Live the Mediterranean dream with a holiday villa in Sicily

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A travel website promises to make travelers’ Mediterranean dreams come true – specialising in accommodation in Sicily. was launched in 2003 but surging demand for the idylic island off the Italian coast has seen its bookings soar.

The firm – run by a Swiss born in Sicily – provide stunning holiday getaways the ancient ‘trinacria’ – the name given to the region because of its distinctive triangle shape.

The stunning view from one of the apartments on HitSicily

The stunning view from one of the apartments on HitSicily

‘Plenty has already been written about Sicily as a tourist destination and it being the pearl of the Mediterranean, though even that may not measure up to the island’s true beauty,’ a spokesman said.

‘Quite a number of people nurture the desire to find a charming holiday abode on the island and that’s exactly why was established. We want to help those people turn their dreams into reality.’

The website allows visitors to book their accommodation before their stay. It offers more than 100 facilities including upmarket villas, smart resorts and exclusive guesthouses. The firm’s knowledgeable staff can also advise on which locations and holiday rentals best suit their clients’ needs.

It comes in five languages; English, Italian, French, German as well as Spanish and the easy-to-us layout makes choosing a villa easy. Each villa has a large number of pictures to show what it looks like inside and outside.

The ‘Guide to Sicily‘ section is also full of handy and useful information such as lists of the best beaches and most beautiful coastlines, the must see archaeological sites, the cities, islands and nature reserves, plus tips on the best Sicilian dishes, wines and restaurants.


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