Lib Dem MP banned from Mumsnet for revealing name of Italian woman whose baby was removed by council

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An outspoken MP has been banned from Mumsnet after he breached a court order by naming the Italian woman who was forced to undergo a Caesarian section so the council could take away her baby.

John Hemming, who represents Birmingham Yardley, has also been accused of making “drunken” posts on the popular parenting site.

The Liberal Democrat believed Essex County Council were wrong to force a 35-year-old Italian woman to have a Caesarian section and take her baby away from her.

Birmingham MP John Hemming, pictured with his mistress Emily Cox, has been banned from Mumsnet

Birmingham MP John Hemming, pictured with his mistress Emily Cox, has been banned from Mumsnet

The controversial custody case made headlines in December when it was revealed the Court of Protection had made an order allowing the county council to take the woman’s child.

As part of his fight against the court order Mr Hemming posted Italian court documents on Mumsnet from the case which included the woman’s name.

Under family law all identities have to remain anonymous.

Mr Hemming, 53, has admitted since the ban was put in place in last month he was not aware of the law surrounding family cases.

He said: “Although I do read Italian, I don’t read it that well, and didn’t realise there was an Italian court order in place.

“As soon as I realised my error, I contacted Mumsnet and asked them to take the posts down.”

He also admitted he had been boozing while writing some other posts which led to him exposing the identities of people on the forum which is against the rules of Mumsnet.

One night on the forum members questioned if he was “Mumsnetting under the influence” and he replied: “I am not sober, but I am right.”

He also admitted he had inadvertently revealed the identities of Mumsnet contributors by posting links to their Twitter accounts, which gave their real names.

He said: “I didn’t realise it was against Mumsnet’s rules and regulations, I haven’t read them.”

“I’m not really that bothered about being banned.

“My eight-year-old daughter is thrilled I’m on the naughty step and if she’s happy, I’m happy.

“Because it is Christmas little has been sorted out about this, but I would expect something to be sorted out.

“I am continuing to debate issues on Netmums as I have done in the past, however.”

A spokeswoman for Mumsnet said: ”Although we don’t formally verify the identity of our users, we believe that it is John Hemming MP posting on Mumsnet. He has been posting for some time.

 ”Before Christmas, he was involved in a long discussion surrounding the forced Caesarian/adoption case. He posted a long transcript of Italian court proceedings which named some of the mother’s children, which is in breach of UK reporting restrictions on the case. It was reported to us by John Hemming and by other users so in accordance with our guidelines, we deleted the post.
”John Hemming was also reported for posting information that linked to Mumsnet users’ real names, which is against our ethos (the vast majority of our members greatly value the anonymity of our site and value being able to keep their real life identity and MN identity separate), and so we suspended him from the site on 21/12/13. After a cooling off period while we review the things that lead to the suspension we will decide on the best way forward.”

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  1. Natalie says:

    Just a quick correction for you re paragraph 5, it was not just the woman’s name (which some may argue was put “out there” by her already), but those of her children, and I think you should state that more clearly.

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