Let Miaowt: Kitten stuck in a washing machine for 50 minutes

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This cute eight-week-old kitten has already used up one of her nine lives – after surviving an hour-long cycle in a washing machine.

Let Miaowt: Kitten stuck in a washing machine for 50 minutes

Adorable moggy Princess jumped into the machine while exploring her owner Susan Gordon’s new home.

But Susan, 49, didn’t see him sneak in – and promptly slammed the door and set the machine on a full wash cycle.

She was horrified when she spotted her little kitten emerging from the machine soaking wet and clinging onto a pair of jeans.

Let Miaowt: Kitten stuck in a washing machine for 50 minutes

The distraught animal lover rushed Princess to the Vets Now emergency clinic in Kingswells, Aberdeen, for emergency treatment.

Princess had suffered a nose bleed and sore eyes during her wash and spin but amazingly recovered just two days later.

”She is so quick and just crept in when I wasn’t looking,” Mrs Gordon, from Aberdeen, said.

”I was upset at the time but I am just really pleased she has made a full recovery.”

Senior veterinary surgeon Judy Drysdale, of Vets Now, said: ”Princess arrived very shaken up and shivering with a nose bleed and sore eyes.

”She was admitted to hospital for emergency care which included oxygen, IV fluids, diuretics to remove the water from her lungs, lubrication for soap damaged eyes and pain relief.”

Let Miaowt: Kitten stuck in a washing machine for 50 minutes

Princess was also placed on heat pads to bring her temperature back up to normal levels.

Two days later, Princess was purring again and eating like a normal kitten her age.

Vet Arlene Ortley of Vets Now added: ”Princess was very lucky to have survived her ordeal with no serious injuries.

”Thankfully she is safe and well, however I think she has certainly used up one of her nine lives.”


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  1. Anon says:

    So they put the poor kitten back in again to get a photo!  Nice

  2. Steve says:

    One clean Kitty, seems ok!

  3. poor kitten.  surprised he survived the washingthose machines are violent. hope the kitten goes on to live a long and healthy life.

  4. Fdfs says:

    And she’s been allowed to keep pets strange world.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure why she shouldn’t be allowed to keep the cat. She didn’t know the cat was in the washing machine and she got help for as soon as she became aware of what happened. Same thing could have happened to you.

  5. Lucky kitten,must have been like a hamster on a wheel.Shame it’s eyes in the photo in the washing machine look the cat putting on a cute face in shrek!

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