Lesbian couple who kissed in the pub were kicked out ‘for being gay’

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A lesbian couple claim they were kicked out of a pub – for being gay.

Jackie Mason, 42, and 11 pals had enjoyed an afternoon at the Tavern Inn in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

But she claims staff asked them to leave shortly before midnight because they did not want the venue to become a ‘gay bar’.

Jackie admits she was kissing fiancee Michelle but denies they created a sexually-charged atmosphere.

She said: “It was outrageous. I have lived in the town for 32 years and I have been openly gay for most of that time.

“I have never ever in my entire history experienced any kind of homophobia in Weston before.”

The group, which included a number of gay couples, had been in the pub most of last Sunday, but things turned sour shortly before midnight.

Jackie added: “The landlord told us ‘this isn’t a gay bar and I don’t want it going on in my bar. It’s upsetting my regulars and I don’t want it in here’.”

But landlady Sharon Malone claims the group were only asked to leave after aggressively confronting bar staff, who had asked a gay couple to tone down their heavy petting following a complaint.

Sharon said: “The group had a great day but in the evening a couple of the guys were getting overly amorous.

“We chose to ignore it at first, but then we had a complaint from one of our customers, a senior citizen.

“Had we said that to a heterosexual couple, like we probably do every week, then we wouldn’t have a problem.”

Sharon said the group were not barred or refused drinks until after they became aggressive to bar staff.

She added: “I find it upsetting that they have played the race card. We aren’t an anti-gay pub.

“I employ gay people, I have gay friends and my hairdresser is gay.”

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