LendInvest receives first European rating for a peer-to-peer lending platform

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Peer-to-peer lending platform LendInvest has strengthened its place in the market after receiving its first European rating from a regulated credit rating agency.

The British company has become one of the fastest growing services for investors and those looking for real estate and property mortgages.

They have now strengthened their grip on the marketplace after receiving a rating of SQ1 from ARC Ratings which is the highest rating possible from the agency.

LendInvest has given out £200 million worth of mortgages in just 19 month

LendInvest is one of the fastest-growing peer-to-peer platforms in the UK

The rating was a Quality Assurance Rating, which assessed LendInvest’s ability to originate deal-flow, and its underwriting and servicing capabilities.

LendInvest CEO Christian Faes said: ‘The fact that LendInvest was able to get a rating from a regulated credit rating agency, is a positive step for the whole peer-to-peer marketplace lending market in Europe. Credit ratings agencies are understandably cautious when looking at new business models like marketplace lending.

‘However, this represents a move towards the mainstream for peer-to-peer and marketplace lending, and a real coup for LendInvest.’

ARC Ratings is a registered Credit Ratings Agency with the European Securities and Markets Authority. The rating that they have given to LendInvest, is the first rating from a regulated credit rating agency for a peer-to-peer platform in Europe.

The rating for LendInvest, comes off the back of the news last week that LendInvest has just done the largest Series A fundraising for a UK FinTech business, having raised £22m from a listed Chinese technology company.

A spokesman from ARC Ratings added: ‘LendInvest displays strong corporate governance, a high level of transparency, and extensive systems and controls… The primary servicer rating [SQ1] reflects LendInvest’s robust internal controls/systems, servicing experience in the real estate lending and collections industry, and recent financial performance.’

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