Berkshire top of the table for strip clubs and nightclubs

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Berkshire top of the table for strip clubs and nightclubs


The royal county of Berkshire does not immediately spring to mind as a den of iniquity but a new study has revealed that the leafy commuter belt territory is of top of the league when it comes to numbers of strip clubs and nightclubs.


A study of every night spot in England found that Berkshire, with 17 strip joints and a population of 154,000 inhabitants, has way more strip clubs per person (11.038 per 100,000) than any other county in England.


Nearby London sits way down the list in 18th place. Although it has 104 strip clubs in total its population of 7,813,600 gives the capital a score of 1.331 strip clubs per 100,000 people.


Bedfordshire and Lancashire are just behind Berkshire in the top three in the strip club league table put together by stag party organisers


Similarly to Berkshire, Bedfordshire is just outside London and with 11 strip clubs to a population of 255,200 it ranks second in the chart with a score of 4.31 strip clubs per 100,000.


Meanwhile, Lancashire, just north of Manchester, has a rating of 2.565 per 100,000, with a population of 1,169,300 and 30 strip clubs in total.


Rasmus Christiansen of, who carried out the study, believes locations within close proximity of large urban areas are great night spot territory. He states, “With big cities nearby but with lower rents and more space, towns in places like Berkshire, Bedfordshire and Lancashire are attractive to club owners and easy to get to for people going out partying. Maybe people visiting strip clubs just like to head out of the city and visit nearby towns for a night of titillation.”


The full top 20 counties on the strip club league table can be seen here:


County Population Strip Clubs Per 100,000
Berkshire 154,000 17 11.038
Bedfordshire 255,200 11 4.31
Lancashire 1,169,300 30 2.565
Dorset 404,700 8 1.976
West Midlands 2,655,200 48 1.807
Tyne and Wear 1,119,600 20 1.786
Wiltshire 459,800 8 1.739
Leicestershire 648,700 11 1.695
Staffordshire 831,300 14 1.684
Cheshire 363,800 6 1.649
Hertfordshire 1,107,600 18 1.625
Norfolk 862,400 14 1.623
Devon 750,000 11 1.466
West Yorkshire 2,249,500 33 1.466
Northamptonshire 687,300 10 1.454
Buckinghamshire 498,100 7 1.405
Durham 510,800 7 1.37
London 7,813,600 104 1.331
Hampshire 1,296,900 17 1.31
Derbyshire 763,700 10 1.309


Nightclub locations were also analysed in the same study, with Berkshire also coming out on top with the most nightclubs per person (18.831 per 100,000 capita, 29 in total). Once more, areas just on the edge of London and Manchester were high on the list, as Cheshire, East Sussex, Lancashire and Bedfordshire all rank in the top five.


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