Kitten rescued after travelling 10 miles trapped under car bonnet

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A 12-week-old kitten had a miracle escape after it travelled for 10 miles – trapped under the bonnet of a CAR.

The lucky moggy – nicknamed Ayrton after the iconic racing driving – was found curled up next to the ENGINE by stunned Wayne Rutter, 50, on September 16.

The photocopier engineer had been driving around for 10 miles that morning when he pulled up to eat his lunch in Wolverhampton, West Mids., and heard a meow.

Wayne was shocked when he opened up his bonnet and saw the tiny tabby-and-white kitten sitting next to his engine.

He eventually managed to rescue the male cat but it then ran straight under the bonnet of another car which was parked nearby.

Ayrton the cat who travelled for 10 miles - trapped under the bonnet of a CAR

Ayrton the cat who travelled for 10 miles – trapped under the bonnet of a CAR

RSPCA inspectors eventually coaxed the tiny feline to safety and took him to the Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Frankley Green, Birmingham, where he was treated for a few infections.

The kitten has now made a new recovery and is looking for a new home after no microchip was found on him and no owner came forward.

Yesterday (Sun), Wayne, who lives in Willenhall, West Mids., said: “I couldn’t work out where the sound was coming from at first.

“I got out of the car and looked around and thought I must have been hearing things.

“Then as soon as I got back into the car I heard it again and knew there was a cat somewhere and an unhappy one at that.

“I finally twigged that the sound was coming from the front of the car and sure enough when I popped up the bonnet there he was looking at me with terrified eyes.

“It’s hard to know for sure where he hopped on, in theory it could have been anywhere on my morning’s route.

“As there had been heavy rains the night before, it seems likely it was at my home in Willenhall the night before looking for a warm and dry refuge.”

RSPCA officers rescuing Ayrton the cat

RSPCA officers rescuing Ayrton the cat

Victoria Hurr, animal care assistant at Newbrook Farm Animal Centre who helped with the rescue, added: “When we finally managed to free Ayrton he was clearly terrified and shaken.

“He is very shy little fellow and has had quite a difficult ordeal so will need a quiet home with no young children.

“He has a playful side but only when he thinks you’re not looking. He will be able to live with other cats.

“I so hope we can find a loving home for him.

“We don’t know for sure where he came from but the signs are that he had been living as a stray and has not had much love in his short life.”

Anyone interested in rehoming Ayrton should call Newbrook on 0300 123 8585.

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