Killjoy Birmingham Uni chiefs to ban graduating students from throwing their caps in the air – because of barmy healthy and safety rules

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Killjoy university chiefs have taken the fun out of graduation by banning students from throwing mortarboards into the air – over health and safety fears.
Students at the top British uni have been told they are not allowed to throw their black caps in the air in celebration – in case the falling hats cause injuries.

The University of Birmingham students, set to get graduate later this summer, were told they could be ejected from the ceremony if they are seen following the tradition.

The email told students: “Throwing of caps is not be permitted, due to health and safety.”

Graduating students of Ancient History and Archaeology can now expect a relatively gloomy affair.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, Hannah Walker said: “It’s just surprising the uni is actively taking action against something that’s traditional.

“I personality don’t see the harm in it, and honestly don’t think anyone will take the ban seriously.”

Top gown and cap graduation rental company Ede and Ravenscroft said the ban was because of a number of injuries.
A spokesperson said: “Over a number of years students have been injured by falling mortarboards.

“On a few occasions customer’s experienced minor injuries from falling mortarboard.

“We have therefore identified the throwing of hats as a risk to health and safety.

“As a responsible company we don’t want to condone any activity which could lead to someone being injured.”

The University defended the decision, barring students from chucking their caps at an event for graduating Classics students.

A spokesperson said: “The email in question does not refer to our formal graduation ceremonies but concerned a specific private event where space was restricted.

“The University of Birmingham does not have a policy or ban on cap throwing during degree congregations.

“We recognise that this is a time of celebration for our students and their families after years of hard work and dedication and want to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.”

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