All my kids are named after cars… and the latest is PORSCHE

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A mum who names her children after cars has called her latest Porsche – after her speedy arrival in the middle of a supermarket.

Motor-mad Joy Lowther popped into Tesco with oldest daughter Mercedes, three, when she suddenly went into labour in the baby aisle.

She was wheeled into a store room where staff helped her deliver her healthy 6lb 7oz baby.

Joy Lowther, 27, from Kings Lynn with her daughters Mercedes Smith, 4, and newborn Porsche Smith

Joy Lowther, 27, from Kings Lynn with her daughters Mercedes Smith, 4, and newborn Porsche Smith

Joy, 28, was then whisked to hospital where she was joined by her partner Kevin Smith and their eight year-old son – known as Alfa.

Joy, who says she thinks car names are ‘beautiful’, is now planning one more baby – who will be called Bentley if he’s a boy.

She said: “When I went to the baby aisle in Tesco, I didn;t think it would be to have a baby.

“The supervisor in the store was the one who delivered the baby but all the staff were great.

“Because I had Mercedes I had always planned to call the next one Porsche.

“Then she arrived so quickly, so Porsche was quite fitting.

“My son is called Alfie, but because the girls are named after cars we all refer to him as ‘Alfa’.

“Like any new mum the kids are driving me up the wall. But it’s fantastic having them all.”

Joy, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk,  was not due to go into labour for another four weeks when she went to the Tesco in March, Cambs. last Friday (13/9), to buy a baby bath.

Joy said she has always loved cars but Kevin, 26, the father of her four children, has a “passion” for them and currently drives an M sport 5 series BMW.

The couple have another son aged six – but he’s just called Frank.

Tesco branch manager Cheryl Moir, 40, who helped deliver Porsche, said: “It was really, really special to be involved in such an amazing experience.

“To be part of that process was a real privilege. You don’t stop to think, instinct just cuts in.”

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