Joey Barton angers liberal Twitter followers with 19-tweet political rant after watching Benefits Street

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Football bad-boy Joey Barton has sparked fury on Twitter after he claimed the residents living on Benefits Street should be banned from BREEDING.

The outspoken QPR midfielder took to social media  to air his views on the explosive Channel 4 documentary with a series of controversial rants on Wednesday night.

During a 19-tweet outburst Barton said residents living on James Turner Street, in Winson Green, Birmingham, should have a LICENSE to have children.

Joey Barton airs his view on Twitter after watching the show Benefits Street

Joey Barton airs his view on Twitter after watching the show Benefits Street

He was also accused of being racist after he criticised a Romanian family featured in the second episode of the show and suggested they should leave the country.

Tweeting from his account – @Joey7Barton – the 31-year-old waded into the debate on the five part series, which has even been discussed in Parliament.

He wrote: “1st viewing of this Benefits Street. What am I seeing! Is this a wind up?

“Strong evidence to support the breeding licence theory. You need a licence to drive a car. You need a licence for a TV. You need a licence for a gun. Licence to drive a folk-lift truck.

“A licence to give financial advice. So on and so forth. Yet, anyone can have child? Nothing else needed except the sexual appetite.

James Turner Street in Birmingham - the setting for the controversial series

James Turner Street in Birmingham – the setting for the controversial series

“Its a very strange thing. Having children to get a better house or more benefits? What chance do these kids have? World is f**ked sometimes

“Surely you should have to pass a test or at least show you are capable of looking after kids. Surely?

“To annoy people like me. Romanians. If you don’t like it here. You know to do. Imagine me going to Romania trying this sh*t on?

“Interesting they all have cars, gold chains, mobile phones, a roof over their heads and are fat. Can’t be that bad now can it.

“This fella calling people tramps is so out of touch with reality it’s untrue. He is a full blown tramp.

“They don’t even keep their own homes clean. I didn’t grow up in the best place but people cared about their homes and the way they looked.

“These people don’t give two f*cks. Pile rubbish up in the street. Houses are manky. They expect the council to sort everything for them.

“Clean the street up. Don’t sit on walls all day drinking white lightening or sit on the couch moaning. Get to work on your house. That’s a start.

“Some people can’t work with valid reason. Some people decide they are beyond don’t jobs that they consider below them.

“Work/No work. Money/No money. Simple really. Rant over. Never watching that again.

“Off to bed. Never again. Ground control to Major Tom. This place is f*cked. Can I come home now please. Pretty please. Xx.”

His comments sparked of flood of angry responses from his 2.4 million followers.

One @edgworthtony said: “and this is why Barton shouldn’t be given oxygen #racist”

While @MatthewLumby quipped: “You are basically @Nigel_Farage aren’t you Joey?”

Another user Nick Pettigrew added: “For a man who prides himself on being smart you’ve swallowed some pretty blatant rightwing propaganda without question. Oh dear.”

It is not the first time Barton has caused controversy on the site.

In May 2012, after he was sent off against Manchester City he called BBC pundit Alan Shearer a “prick” and Gary Lineker “an odious toad”.

On another occasion he called Paris St-Germain defender Thiago Silva a “ladyboy”and branded Ryan Giggs a “wrongun”.

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