Jobless woman, 21, bombarded police with 100 threatening 999 calls because she was ‘bored’

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Yasmin Adams arriving at North Staffordshire Magistrates Court court

Yasmin Adams arriving at North Staffordshire Magistrates Court court

An unemployed woman bombarded police with more than 100 threatening 999 calls in just six days – because she was bored.

Yasmin Adams, 21, repeatedly told police call operators she was going to “smash up” cop cars and attack officers with pepper spray.

Police traced the calls to Adams’ home in Fenton, Staffs., and arrested her after she made the calls over a six day period last month.

Adams admitted persistently making use of a public communication network to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety when she appeared at North Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

She was slapped with a 24-month community order with a supervision requirement, and ordered to pay #85 costs.

Sentencing Adams, Chairman of the bench Kath Reader told her: “Just because you are bored is absolutely no excuse to be putting people’s lives at risk.

“If you do anything similar to this in future then the court’s patience is going to run out and you will go to prison.

“Nobody can be allowed to behave this way and get away with it.

“If anything was to happen to someone else as a result of that it would be catastrophic as far as you are concerned.”

The court heard when officers quizzed Adams she shrugged off her nuisance calls, saying she made them because she was “bored.”

Jenny Eccleston, prosecuting, said: “Officers searched Miss Adams’s home and located a Blackberry mobile phone and three SIM cards.

“She was arrested and asked why she did it. For her account, she said: ‘I was bored’.

“It was pointed out to her that she made in excess of 100 calls.

“Miss Adams could give no valid reason for calling the emergency services except, on one occasion, she had drunk a bottle of Lambrini which made her feel drunk.”

Gary Corbett, defending, Addams was “extremely apologetic” for her actions.

He said: “Miss Adams is at a loss as to why she decided to call the police on so many occasions.

“There were some significant arguments going on at the time of this offence between the family. Perhaps that is a reason why. She’s extremely apologetic.”

After the case, a Staffordshire Police spokesman said: “All 999 calls are automatically recorded and can be used in evidence against someone committing a crime.

“Malicious calls to police won’t be tolerated. They can cause distress for our staff and prevent them from dealing with genuine emergency calls.”

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