On yer bike! Jobless father cycles 50 miles a day with CV printed on his BACK

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Jobless Mark Richardson is so desperate to escape the vicious cycle of unemployment he bikes 50 miles a day – with his CV written on his back.

Dad-of-two Mark, 50, literally got on his bike to get a job – cycling 400 miles a week and 5,000 in total wearing his own resume.

Mark, who is qualified in applied biology, has been unemployed since losing his job at a Millets store three months ago.

Mark Richardson on his bike searching for a job

Mark Richardson on his bike searching for a job

The CV details printed on Mark's back

The CV details printed on Mark’s back

But he says he became fed-up with traditional forms of seeking employment such as job centres and agencies.

Determined Mark, a former cross country ski champion, applied for 150 job vacancies but has struggled to find anything.

So he decided to take the advice famously dished out by Norman Tebbit in the 80s – who urged jobseekers to get ‘On Yer Bike!’.

Inventive Mark has turned himself into a mobile advert after getting a special T-shirt made with his personal details and contact number printed on the rear.

The back of the shirt is emblazoned with his name, email address and the words: ”Seeking Employment – Intelligent, Diligent, Dynamic”.

Mark catches the eyes of drivers with his unique form of job seeking... but so far he's had no success

Mark catches the eyes of drivers with his unique form of job seeking… but so far he’s had no success

Mark, of Gaywood, Norfolk, has now ridden 5,000 miles wearing his own advert to try and get a job.

Sadly though he says the only thing he has been offered so far is a few pints by well-wishers and motorists.

But despite his failure to find a job he has won the approval – of Lord tebbit himself.

Mark said: “It is so frustrating. It feels like there are just not enough jobs out there.

“I have tried absolutely everything. I must have applied for over 150 jobs of all different kinds but still no luck as of yet.

“I thought I would try putting my contact details on the back of my shirt but so far the only people who have contacted me are well-wishers.

“They have even offered to buy me pints. One bloke said he would get me a drink if I went to visit him Norwich.

“People have been very kind and helpful. But what would be great is if I was offered a job.”

Mark, who lives with his wife Taoh and their two daughters, appears in the 1989 Guinness World Records for roller skiing from Chamonix, France, to Kent in 1987.

He spent three years working as a manager at Millets before the store was closed down and he lost his job.

Prior to that Mark, who has an HND in Applied Biology, has worked in a number of laboratories for leading companies.

Throughout his career Mark worked as a lab technician for British Sugar, perfume company Mercia Fragrances and building material firm Tarmac Ltd.

He has also worked for the RSPB, as an English teacher in Vietnam and in various outdoor shops in Chamonix during the ski season.

Lord Norman Tebbit said yesterday: “Well I would expect him to have more luck by now applying for jobs in the traditional way.

“But it is a novel idea and there is a strong chance lots of people will see him especially if he cycles so far each day. I hope it works and I say good luck to him.”

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