Jilted lover attacked ex-girlfriend after she mocked the size of his PENIS

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Callan Redshaw attacked his ex-girlfriend after she mocked his 'small penis'

Callan Redshaw attacked his ex-girlfriend after she mocked his ‘small penis’

A jilted lover who beat-up his ex-girlfriend after she ridiculed the size of his PENIS has been jailed for five years.

Callan Redshaw, 19, kicked Kirsty Robinson “like a footballer taking a penalty” after she said he had a ”little” manhood.

The brutal attacked happened outside a pub when Redshaw and Kirsty, the mother of his child, began to argue.

Kirsty told him: “You can give me a f***ing baby, but you can’t pay for the keep of her. You’ve got a little penis, I don’t know how you managed.”

Redshaw punched and kicked her, leaving her lying motionless “like a ragdoll” with two head fractures and bleeding in her brain.

Miss Robinson fell to the ground “like a sack of potatoes” after Redshaw kicked her legs from underneath her, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Redshaw, of Hartlepool, admitted grievous bodily harm with intent on May 12 last year and was jailed for five years.

Sue Jacobs, prosecuting, said: “He started to kick her by running up like a footballer taking a penalty, taking his leg right back and really booting her.

“They were the witness’s words. He did this about four or five times in her back. She described the victim as being like a rag doll, and said it looked like she was unconscious.

“Then she said he stamped on her head. His left foot was coming off the floor to put his full weight on his right foot, and she said her head was bouncing.

“After that he walked away. The girl was still lying there not moving.”

Miss Robinson and Redshaw, who have a one-year-old daughter, split up at the start of last year.

After the attack Miss Robinson was taken to hospital where a CT scan confirmed she had a fractured skull and cheekbone and some bleeding in her brain.

In a victim statement she said: “This incident has left me totally devastated and feeling very emotional.”

Recorder of Middlesbrough, Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, said: “You have obviously got a temper. On the night of this your ex-partner was clearly drunk.

“She was therefore vulnerable because a drunk woman can’t handle herself in any way, and you knew she was essentially helplessly drunk.

“Worst of all you stamped on her head. That can very often result in very serious injury, if not death, and it will not be overlooked.

“Anyone who takes a shod foot to anybody, particularly a female, can only receive a substantial period of imprisonment.”

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