‘Jenius’ arrested for assaulting pregnant woman

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This is Jerome Smith, a heavily-tattooed 29-year-old arrested on suspicion of assaulting a pregnant woman.

'Jenius' arrested for assaulting pregnant woman

Smith, from Cincinnati, Ohio, is alleged to have hit the woman, who is eight-months gone, in the head with a gun.

The violent act, known as pistol whipping, happened on January 29 just three months after Smith was released from prison on drugs charges, according to The Smoking Gun.


This incredible mugshot shows Smith having the word OMERTA – Italian for the Mafia code of silence – tattooed on his throat.

But what’s craziest about his tattooed face is the misspelled word ‘Jenius’ on his forehead. The ‘J’ may be a cursive ‘G’, in which case Smith should have demanded a refund from the tattooist for their amateur work.

It’s doubtful the tattoo is a tribute to Maximilian Jenius, a character in the 1980’s animated sci-fi series Macross.

Smith is currently holed up in a Cincinnati jail on the assault charges. He has previous convictions for attempted murder, burglary, and drug possession.

Not exactly a genius is he…

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