Jay-Z: I’ll run for US President

November 3, 2010 | by | 1 Comment

Jay-Z plans to run to be US President – and he thinks he could do a great job as the leader of America with the help of future First Lady Beyonce Knowles

Jay-Z - I'll run for US President

But the rapper won’t put himself forward for another a few years yet.

He said: “Give me a chance. Maybe in eight years, I’ll be the president.”

Although he is keen to enter politics, Jay-Z insists he isn’t disappointed with current President Barack Obama – whose Democratic Party have suffered heavy losses in the US midterm elections.

He explained to BBC Newsbeat: “In order to judge someone, you have to judge what they inherit. He inherited the worst economy, war, just a horrible time in American history. So if we think he can solve that, I mean, we don’t think he’s God, do we?

“He’s a human being. He’s going to need time to figure that out.

“In order to get to that sort of success and that dream, you have to go through some peaks and valleys. It’s been two years.”

Jay-Z has met President Obama since he came to office and has dined with former leader Bill Clinton.

The hip-hop mogul – real name Shawn Carter – has previously admitted he finds it “mind-blowing” that American leaders even know who he is.

Jay-Z – who grew up in a tough area of New York – said: “It’s unbelievable because it’s so far away from where I come from. We were the kids who were ignored by every politician. We didn’t have the numbers, the vote, to put anybody in office, because no matter who was in the office, we didn’t think that it would affect change where we lived. So nobody went out and voted.

“For me, being with Obama or having dinner with Bill Clinton is crazy. It’s mind-blowing, because where I come from is just another world. We were just ignored by politicians – by America in general.”

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  1. Jwalls says:

    This guy has got to be one of the biggest idiots in the country. He thinks because he has money, from all the bangers drug proceeds, that he can run for the highest office in the country. Go ahead Z lets see how long it takes some white supremest a-hole to try and off u.

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