Jammie Dodger addict who ate 24 biscuits a day loses 16 STONE and beating the habit

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A self-confessed Jammie Dodger addict who munched through 24 biscuits a DAY told today how she lost an incredible 16 STONE after ditching the popular snack.

Sweet-toothed Tracey Foster, 41, ballooned to a whopping 28st (178kg) after becoming hooked on the biscuits for nearly 20 years.

The mum-of-two would routinely skip lunch and breakfast and gorge on Jammie Dodgers washed down with mugs of sugary tea.

At the height of her addiction Tracey would consume three packs of the treats a day – which accounted for a gut-busting 2,000 calories – the entire recommended daily amount for a woman.

She spent an eye-watering £1,255 each year on Jammie Dodgers which she bought in bulk from a local supermarket.

At her heaviest she tipped the scales at 28 stone and was a bulky size 30 after almost two decades of snacking on Jammie Dodgers during the day and gorging on fatty takeaways in the evening.

But after doctors refused to perform vital knee surgery in July 2011 due to her whopping 50.23 BMI, Tracey, who suffers osteoarthritis, vowed to shed the pounds.

The full-time mum from Rowley Regis, West Mids., declined gastric band surgery and joined a local weight loss group where she managed to lose a staggering 16 stone in just two years after she switched to healthy meals.

Despite her debilitating condition, Tracey even started regular swimming sessions with hubby Scott, 40, to aid her weight loss.

And yesterday Tracey proudly showed off her slim size 10 figure after she recorded a personal best 12st (76.25kg) weigh-in.

She said: “Ever since I had my children I have struggled with my weight.

“It slowly crept up on me over the years and my love for Jammie Dodgers didn’t help.

“Some days I could eat a pack in one sitting and managed three packs a day.

“I would definitely say it was my addiction.

“Then eating curries and takeaways at night just made it all worse.

“I would eat a day’s worth of food in the evening, snacking on lumps of cheese, crisps and chocolate throughout the night.

“Fruit and vegetables were swear words in my house.

“You would never see me with a salad.

“I wouldn’t go on holiday because I knew I wouldn’t fit on an aeroplane seat.

“We didn’t go to pubs or restaurants because I didn’t even think I could fit in a toilet stall.

“Looking back I feel like I’ve missed out on this huge segment of my life.

“I was plodding along but not really living.

“On the rare times I went shopping I would see my reflection in the shop windows and nearly break down in tears.

“It was so easy to bury my head in the sand and ignore the fact that I was obese.

“But it finally came to a head when I went to the doctor and he told me I wouldn’t be able to have surgery on my knee because of my size.

“I thought ‘I can’t live this way anymore.'”

Tracey said her family, including daughter Charlotte, 16, and son Luke, 18, had helped her to stay focused on her weight loss.

She said: “I wanted to do it on my own with diet and support and it was incredibly fulfilling to achieve my goal.

“Scott loves the new me and my kids think it is brilliant.

“It was a battle and some days were hard.

“More than once I felt like giving up but I’m proud of myself and the fact I can say I lost 16 stone without surgery.”

Tracey attended the Weight Watchers group in Blackheath, West Mids., which meets once a week.

Group leader Anne Wythes said Tracey was an ‘inspirational’ member of the slimming group.

She said: “I’ve been a Leader for 11 years and Tracey is one of the most successful members I’ve ever worked with.

“For me, to see the difference that Tracey’s amazing weight loss has made to her life is so incredibly rewarding, her entire life has changed and I’m so glad it was my meeting that she came to.”


Tracey’s Jammie Dodger habit:
24 biscuits (3 packs) a day – (2,040 calories) cost: £3.45
168 biscuits a week (21 packs) – (14,280 calories) cost: £24.15
8,736 biscuits a year (1,092 packs) – (92,820 calories) cost £1,255.80

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