Isle of Fright – Europe’s ‘most dangerous’ dinosaur once roamed the Isle of Wight

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The Isle of Wight has been declared the most dangerous place in Britain – when DINOSAURS roamed the Earth.

More than 125 million years ago, in the early Cretaceous period, the tiny south-coast island was home to Europe’s deadliest predator – the giant saw-toothed Neovenator.

The carnivorous dinosaur, around 25ft (7.5m) long with a mouth full of razor-sharp serrated teeth, was first discovered on the island in 1978, and weighed more than 4,400lbs (2000kg).

A complete skeleton of the fearsome Neovenator on display in the Dinosaur Isle Museum, Isle of Wight

Dr Paul Barrett, Merit Researcher from the Natural History Museum, has compiled a new map of UK dinosaur finds, identifying key hotspots where the giant reptiles once roamed.

After analysing evidence from more than 330 years of dinosaur discoveries, Dr Barrett concluded that the Isle of Wight is the richest area for dinosaur fossil finds over 125 million years old, beating the famous Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

The Isle is also the site of the largest dinosaur find – a neck bone of a Sauropod which would have measured more than 65ft-long (20m), nearly five times longer than a double decker bus.

The giant Sauropod weighed roughly 54 tonnes, greater than 20 fully grown elephants.

The brilliant map of dinosaur finds in Britain

Dr Barrett said: “This map highlights some of the most recent dinosaur discoveries in the UK, as well as the large number of finds made historically.

“Dinosaur fossils are still found on a regular basis in the cliffs and quarries of the UK and many more surprises are likely to be waiting in the rocks.”

More than 100 species of dinosaur have been unearthed in the UK, from giant Sauropods to tiny Echinodons, which are the size of a cat.

Primeval: New World features a team of experts hunting over a dozen fearsome creatures from the past

The map was produced to highlight Primeval: New World, the Canadian spinoff to the much-lauded ITV show about modern-day dinosaur hunters, currently airing on Tuesdays at 9pm, on Watch.

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