Is this the perfect mattress for having sex?

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A bed company claims to have made the perfect mattress – for having SEX.

Boffins behind the kinky mattress spent months researching materials, interviewing couples and testing different springs to create the ideal bedroom companion.

The finished product – named The Lovemaster – is said to be the world’s first mattress built specifically for making love.

They’re even looking for for randy couples and singles to test the mattress.

The Lovemaster mattress which is designed specifically for sex

The Lovemaster mattress which is designed specifically for sex

‘We’ve taken on the research, opinions, percentages, statistics and put together the ideal sex mattress. The love mattress to end all love mattresses,’ the firm wrote on their site.

‘We’ve created a prototype of the world’s first mattress designed specifically for sexy times.Size, firmness, comfort and tensile strength are extremely important factors to consider when it comes to a good nights sleep, but even more so for the no pants dance.’

The mattress has a soft knitted top over a 2cm layer of latex which is said to improve versatility by making it easier for people to change positions.

Incredibly, the bed boasts a staggering 1,000 pocket springs engineered to increases bounciness and ‘rhythm’.

Each spring is inside a layer of fabric allowing them to ‘work independently of each other and react one-by-one to any weight applied, giving every part of your body contoured support.’

The mattress claims to be the best for versatility with positions

The mattress claims to be the best for versatility with positions

Memory foam is also used to create more traction between two people. According to their research, this results in a ‘faster, easier climax’. The material was even voted 1st ahead of beds made entirely of foam, water, latex, springs or air.

Another factor which is said to make it the ideal mattress for amorous partners is that it it produces less noise than others. This is due to the top layer of energy absorbing latex, which was rated as the top mattress material in a survey last year.

The Lovemaster was released in April this year and has so far received glowing reviews from those people have have tested it.

The company says: ‘Frankly, we all need our mattress very much on our side when it comes to our sex lives.

‘The Lovemaster has got it all and guarantees far fewer faked orgasms and load of supported, high energy, athletic sex. Or, if that all sounds like too much exercise – it’s also great for a quickie, a cuddle and a supported, comfy sleep.’

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