iPhone knuckle duster case made famous by Rihanna is BANNED from eBay

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An iPhone knuckle duster case like the one used by Rihanna that has been banned from eBay

An iPhone knuckle duster case like the one used by Rihanna that has been banned from eBay

Rihanna’s iPhone knuckle duster case has been banned from eBay – amid fears it could be used as a weapon.

The metal phone case became a Hollywood sensation after the singer was pictured using one last year.

Alicia Keys and Nicky Hilton copied the star by sporting similar designs to the ‘knucklecase’.

But the products has been repeatedly removed from eBay amid fears they could be used to attack people.

A seller whose page was removed said he had sold hundreds of the products before internet chiefs banned it.

He said: “The knuckle case had been selling really well because everyone wanted one like Rihanna’s.

“They’re really stylish but because they’re shaped like a knuckle duster they’re classed as a weapon.

“I received an email from eBay saying that the auction violated their guidelines and the listing was immediately suspended.

“I’m sure Rihanna only looks at is as a fashion accessory and has no idea that it’s linked to being a weapon.”

The seller – who asked to remain anonymous – received a message from eBay which said the knuckle case came under the ‘Firearms, Weapons, and Knives’ category.

It said the iPhone case was defined by Section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (UK).

The aluminium phone case is shaped like a knuckle duster, with four holes for fingers to slip through.

Phones then fit inside a metal frame which is attached to the knuckle duster design.

A second seller whose listings were also removed added: “It’s such a shame because the profit margins on those little beauties were incredible.”

Metal versions of the knuckle case  – the same type that Rihanna uses – sold on the site for around £25.

However, plastic versions have not yet been removed. It is believed this is because they are not considered as dangerous.

The cases banned from eBay are all manufactured in China and are copies of the original ‘Knucklecase’ brand sported by Rihanna. These are not sold on eBay and still available through the company’s website www.knucklecase.com.

An eBay spokesman said that Rihanna syle knuckle duster phone cases are classed as a weapon.

They added: ”Weapons, including many replicas, can’t be sold on eBay, although novelty items are permitted.  If a seller has a query about why an item has been removed we are happy to investigate.”

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