Internet and medicine: apps and websites that can help you maintain your health

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It is nearly impossible these days to get into see a GP at a time that works for you. Sometimes we put off going because ‘we don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m sure it is nothing’, well how do we know? The internet is a plethora of medical information, with diagnostic sites, guidelines, but navigating this medical minefield can be quite daunting. Here is a roundup of some the best advice sites, diagnostic sites and sites that help keep your health in check.

Avoiding the medical emergency

So, what we would rather do is to not head to the doctor at all and in an ideal world that is what we would do, but can you honestly state you are in your peak of physical health right now? Few of us can, so with technology at our fingertips we should take advantage of being able to take care of ourselves on the go. By looking after ourselves from the inside, The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal tracks what you consume. Tracking this information is crucial towards developing a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. This app is simple, just tracking what you eat, setting targets, and letting you know how you are doing. A simple way to start thinking about being a little healthier and of course, the better and more nutritious your diet and weight management is, you leave yourself less susceptible to common ailments and more severe ones related to poor diet.

Best medical advice

Getting into your GP is one thing, getting on a list to see the Consultant can be a six month wait. For peace of mind consider speaking to a specialist. Topdoctors is a website dedicated to providing first class medical advice. Using a rigourous recruitment program for each city, selecting the best physicians in their speciality ensuring they provide a fantastic service.  Use the site to reserve an appointment online, over the phone and there is a live chat facility.

Training to better health

So you think you have the diet under control, it’s time to focus on the body and mind. Running is free and can be done anywhere, there are some great sites and apps to help you train, running can be great for clearing that headspace and of course you can do it at your own pace not at the pace of a gym instructor. Spotify Running is part of the app you probably already have on your phone, it measures your pace and picks a song to match it rather than you running along to your playlist and exhausting yourself.

‘I think I’m coming down with something’

No matter how much care we take we do end up succumbing to a series of symptoms at one time or another, not sure if you should head to the GP, well if you are going to try and self diagnose, before you terrify yourself check out WebMD. It is one of the better sites out there. A general medical information source but it has a symptom tracker, allowing you to select a multitude of symptoms and strengths or pressures to identify some probable causes. Still nothing really substitutes a proper medical consultation and if you are really concerned about your symptoms, you want to see the best.

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