Inside murdered MI6 spy Gareth Williams’ house

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These pictures show the woodchip wallpaper and 70s floral carpets inside the rented flat of murdered international superspy Gareth Williams.

The self-contained granny flat has a small kitchen with washing machine, stove, fridge and toaster.

The cream walls are simply furnished with pictures, carved African letter openers and silk flowers placed on a wooden dresser.

A wooden pot of Pot Pourri sits on the dresser and towels are laid out in the bathroom for Gareth’s arrival – he was due to move back into the flat on September 3.

The basic top-floor one-bedroom annex was home to Gareth for a decade from the late 90s to April 2009, during which his former landlady said he NEVER bought a girl back.

The flat originally housed the elderly mother of Jenny Elliott – who still lives in the four bedroom-house with husband Brian and son Steven – adjacent to the property in Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos.

Jenny Elliott, 71, also revealed that Gareth was a bit of a ‘recluse’ who rarely brought friends back.

Speaking yesterday, she said: ”Gareth was a really nice and quiet man, but he didn’t really seem to have much of a circle of friends.

”As far as I’m aware, he never bought a girl back in the ten years I knew him, although that’s not to say he didn’t meet girls.

”But if he did, he certainly didn’t talk about them to me. He was the perfect tenant and I doubt I’ll be able to find one as good as him again.

”Gareth occasionally said he was ‘meeting some of the guys from work for a quiet drink’ but he wouldn’t tell me who they were or where they were going and I never pried.

”He never had a television and I never heard music coming from the flat.

”My bedroom is adjacent to his, and all I heard was a tape recorder being rewound or listened to over and over late at night, although he must have had his earphones in because I| couldn’t make out what it was.

”I remember thinking that he often worked late into the night.”

Gareth Williams was awarded a masters in Maths from Cambridge university, which still send letters to his old address.

(GCHQ in Gloucestershire where Gareth worked)

She last heard from Gareth two weeks ago – shortly before he was murdered – when he called to confirm he would be moving back into the flat at the beginning of September.

Jenny added that Gareth’s parents only visited once when he moved in and out of the flat and his sister came to stay for a weekend.

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