“If She Is so Good In Bed, You Can Stay There” : Jilted Woman Takes Revenge On Cheating Partner By Putting Up Posters Around Warwick

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Love-cheat poster, lots of which have been put up along a major traffic route on crossings and lamp posts in Warwick, Warwickshire

Love-cheat poster, lots of which have been put up along a major traffic route on crossings and lamp posts in Warwick, Warwickshire

A scorned woman took revenge on her cheating partner by plastering posters across a town declaring: “If she is so good in bed, you can stay there.”

Dozens of notices have been put up across Warwick informing Graham his car keys are in the canal, the locks have been changed and the credit cards have been maxed.

The woman, known only as Linda, took the drastic action and ordered the laminated posters which are illustrated with an image of Graham’s name in a heart, hanging from a noose.

It reads: “If she is so good in bed you can stay there. Merc keys in canal. Locks changed. Cards maxed.

“Happy New Year, Linda xxx.”

Neither Linda nor Graham has yet been identified but dozens of people have spotted the posters around the the historic own and shared pictures of them on social media.

The messages have been attached with cable ties to lampposts at locations including pedestrian crossings, at parks and beneath road signs.

Alison Tonkin wrote on Twitter:

“Well there’s a Graham in Warwick who’s having a much worse day than me. Go Linda. #womanscorned #naughtyboy”

swns_cheat_poster_004Jake Humphrey added: “These started appearing across Warwick yesterday. I wouldn’t mess with Linda…”

And Steve Burnett put: “Appearing all round Warwick on lampposts. Graham might be regretting his little fling!”

Mark Hebert tweeted: “Posters all over Warwick . Naughty Graham.”

Stephen Turner added: “Don’t think Graham in Warwick will be having a very good day.”

Andrew Robins also tweeted a picture, and said: “Saw these all over Warwick today. I think Graham might be in trouble #naughtyboy #womanscorned”

Helena Wallis posted an image on Facebook writing:

‘This made me smile!! What a brilliant poster! All over Warwick – whoever you are Graham – you’ve been named and shamed!! #revengeissweet”

swns_cheat_poster_005And Ben Chamberlain said: “These are all over Warwick. Graham, I don’t think Linda is best pleased. Hell hath no fury etc”.

While some were quick to point that Linda could have broken the law by maxing Graham’s credit cards and throwing away his keys, others commended her actions.

Jeanette Mason commented on one picture, saying: “So funny. Most of us wouldn’t have the nouse or the nerve. Good on ya girl.”

And Julie Dingley said: “Well done Linda. Who needs a cheat as a partner!”

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