Identical twins pass their driving tests on the SAME day and in the SAME car

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Inseparable twins Hannah and Naomi Moxon have passed their driving tests together on the SAME day and in the SAME car.

Naomi went first with Hannah sitting in the back seat and got her licence with a perfect drive with no faults.

Two hours later they swapped places and Hannah passed with nine minor faults.

Naomi (left) and Hannah Moxon after  passing their driving test

Naomi (left) and Hannah Moxon after passing their driving test

The two 18 year-olds – who had the same instructor – now plan to share the same Renault Clio as they set out on their driving careers.

Naomi said: “I really, really liked it. It was really good to see where we were making mistakes.

“It feels really great. We are delighted. It gives us a lot more freedom.”

Hannah said: “It made us learn faster because we could see the mistakes each other was making and learn from that.

“I think I made some fairly silly mistakes, things I don’t normally do.

“We both say being a twin is the best thing about us. We absolutely love it.”

The twins, from Longthorpe, Cambs., were born just minutes apart when mum Karen, 49, was rushed into labour in 1995.

Since then they have rarely left each other’s side – choosing the same subjects at school and sharing the same free periods.

They even work together as lunch time supervisors at a local primary school and spend their spare time singing as a duo under the name Classical Reflection.

Proud mum Karen said: “They are exactly the same. They are so close it’s unbelievable. They are very much intertwined.”

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