I have a trampolining Pig!

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Looking out at the garden we couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Scarlett sitting proudly at the top of her 6ft slide waiting for a little push on her curly tail.

Not only could our new piglet trampoline like a pro, she had taken to sliding down her 6ft slide like it was a new mud patch to explore.

Steve fell in love with Scarlett straight away and decided that we should keep her as our pet.

As soon as she was born she stood out from the rest. She was very nosey and it was clear she was going to be a bossy little madam.

Quickly she became like a member of our family, so we thought it would only be fair to move her into the house.

After all we couldn’t have her little heels getting messed up and her covered in mud, when she had so many visitors!

The minute she got in the house she bossed the dogs around and squealed politely for a cuddle.

She wasted no time establishing herself as top dog.

She made sure our mutts Jess, Daisy and Molly knew who was boss.

In the evening we would all sit down in front of the fire, and she would stroll between the four dog beds to decide which one she likes best. The dogs wait patiently to see which one she chooses and then they would all settle down together.

“Of course she would choose the one that is the most comfortable and bouncy and then settle down to give the others the nod that it’s ok to join. You could’nt help but laugh at her trotting about like she owns the place.”

She was like having a little kid around the house again, playing with the kid’s toys, fighting for attention and even making different squeals to make sure we knew exactly what she wanted.

We never normally name our piggies unless they were the mothers of the litter and going to be around for a while, because after all the majority of them were born to become sausages!

Scarlett a Manqualitza pig proved she was cut out for more than just lovely sausage meat.

One day our kids Tara, 15, Alex, 8 were messing around on their trampoline when Scarlett got excited at the sight of them bouncing and wanted to get involved.

Steve picked her up and put her on the trampoline to see what she did.

Straight away she started bouncing around on her little heels, ears flapping up and down, and trotters clicking in the air.

She claimed the trampoline as her toy and everyday she would fly about getting higher and higher. The saying “pigs might fly” springs to mind as she looked just like she might take off with her ears flapping around in the wind so much.

“She absolutely loved it and we couldn’t get her off of it after that. The kids had to wait for Scarlett to finish her turn before they can get on it again.”

She would squeal at every opportunity to be put up on the trampoline and even started to attract visitors who came to see her perform.

Scarlett has mastered the art of trampolining, sliding, dancing and playing football with the dogs so now we are thinking of what she would want to do next.

“She has been loving the winter Olympics this year so maybe we might have a Scarlett the skiing piglet next!”

As seen in Love It Magazine

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