How to Regain Control and Transform your Life!

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new year new youHere we are, it’s the New Year again, and you’re feeling down and maybe depressed after all the over indulgence of the Xmas and New Year celebrations.

You might be feeling the need to change your lifestyle, to lose weight, or to get yourself fit.

Perhaps you have cravings or addictions you would like to address but are at a loss as to how to start or to motivate yourself.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this book at a later time in the year.

Perhaps summer is coming, and you would like that perfect bikini or muscular body to display on the beach.

Some of you may just wish to lose a little weight to fit into last year’s summer clothes.

Many of you may just need the motivation to get up off your backsides and actually do something with your life.

Whatever it is you wish to change or desire in your life this book will give you the structured step-by-step process to aid in quitting addictions, cravings or habits and regain control of your life.

Richard Bartholomew has just released his book ‘New year New you’ available on Amazon

‘New Year New You’ is the first in a series of guides on how to regain control of your life by reprogramming the Inner Genius to overcome and conquer addictions and cravings.

Addictions and cravings are constraining, continuously occupy your mind, and sap your energy.

They need to be fully addressed and conquered so that you can regain control and reach your full potential.

New Year New You will take you through a structured step-by-step process teaching you how to overcome addictions and cravings while promoting fitness, health and weight loss.

This guide gives you access to a free tool (Genie Master Key) that has been developed by the author for smartphones and tablets, an App that will aid in automating the process, empowering you to use the ‘language of imagination’ for greater success.

The Author, Richard Bartholomew, shares with you his own experiences with addictions and how he overcame and conquered them in a well-written and light-hearted way, even though these may be serious issues.


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