How to make the most of your office space

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Whether your office is large and spacious or a little on the small side, it’s essential to make the most of your work area.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your professional environment organised, tidy, clean and functional, so take a look at these handy tips.

Get rid of clutter

If you’re currently wading through paperwork and files to get to your swivel chair, it could be time for a clear out. A good de-clutter is good for the soul, so get rid of anything you don’t want or need and make sure only the essentials are left.

A tidy and organised office is important as we can spend most of our working life there

A tidy and organised office is important as we can spend most of our working life there


Got something you really want to keep but are struggling to find room for? Then companies like Ready Steady Store should be your first port of call, as they’ll keep your belongings safe, secure but out of the way.

A few hours of quality sorting should make all the difference and you might even be surprised at how large your workspace actually is.

Rethink your storage options

With so many clever storage options available these days, there’s no excuse for throwing receipts, pens, invoices and goodness knows what else behind the cupboard or on the floor. Instead, organise your belongings logically and get hold of some stackable boxes, folders, draws or other storage solutions.

If your office really is small, then think outside the box by using vertical spaces. Tall cabinets and shelves are ideal and you could also invest in door or wall hooks to keep coats, jackets and other outdoor wear neat and tidy.

Rearrange the furniture

Is your office planned out correctly? A desk in the middle of the room, for instance, might be taking up vital space and could work better if pushed into the corner. However, before you start lugging heavy objects around, draw a rough floor plan.

Take a few measurements and work out how things could fit together more effectively – you might find your office is as good as it gets but it’s worth considering other options, just in case you could make improvements.

If you share a building with colleagues you might also want to swap furniture around in order to maximise space for everyone.

Make it a pleasant space

Many of us spend more time and work than at home, so creating a pleasant place to labour in is vital. Of course, cluttering up your desk with photos, cards and other keepsakes is unadvisable but why not turn a family snap into a mouse mat or your screensaver?

Moreover if you like pretty flowers or foliage, choose something low maintenance and pop it into the corner of the room so it adds a personal touch without taking up too much space.

A few small changes could make all the difference to your office, so it’s well worth giving these suggestions a go and seeing how you can maximise your space.

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