How to choose the right words for your business cards

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It’s fair to say we live in a digital world with many companies believing the only route to success is via a complicated internet campaign.

Business cards are important to the success of any venture

Business cards are important to the success of any venture

s. These small marketing tools can be ordered from sites like Helloprint, fit neatly into wallets and give prospective customers a glimpse into what you offer – but it’s important to choose the right words for your cards in order to maximise their effectiveness.

Here’s how…

Include all essential details

Business cards may be small, but you should make it a priority to include all essential details including the name of your company and your business address. Contact details should also include your telephone number, email address and information about your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Don’t forget that while space is limited, your business cards have two sides so you might decide to use one side for visual branding (including logos, slogans and such like) and the other for vital information.


As mentioned above, your business cards should also include any logo/slogan you use in other marketing material, as this will help your marketing messages to be consistent. If you don’t already have a logo or slogan, it might be worth going back to the drawing board and thinking carefully about the services/products you offer and what your company is all about.

A strong brand identity is crucial for any business to survive, so it’s certainly worth coming up with a colour scheme and mission statement before going to print.

Call to action

If possible, your business card should also include a simple call to action, which will encourage people to contact you and to buy your products. This could be something like ‘call today for more information’, or ‘call for an appointment today.’ It must be short, simple and easy to read as anything too long will not fit properly on the card or will make it look too overcrowded.

Special offers

Business cards are a great place to shout about special offers such as 20 per cent off for new customers. Make this offer big, bold and you should find your business booming as different people hear about the services you are offering.

Competition is fierce out there, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd in any way you can. It’s not a good idea to include seasonal or short-term offers, however, as when they come to an end you will have to change your business cards to avoid confusing customers and this can be costly.

Business cards are a great way to reach new customers and promote your business, so take the time to plan them carefully.

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