How Saga is calling time on legal jargon

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Legal jargon has crept into many parts of our daily lives, and Saga is trying to help people see through the mist by communicating in plain English to help people make the right choices.

We are constantly being asked to sign documents or tick boxes when shopping online to say we have read complicated terms and conditions for items as simple as buying clothes, concert tickets or signing up for a new broadband deal.

Often legal paperwork, such as a broadband contract or car warranty document, is full of complex legal terms that can make people switch off and feel irrelevant. Examples like these are regularly highlighted by the Plain English Campaign.

Saga Legal's latest TV advert shows a trip to the pub where legal jargon is used

Saga Legal’s latest TV advert shows a trip to the pub where legal jargon is used

For example, internet service providers seem to love writing to you to tell you how many megabytes of download speed you are benefiting from. But does anyone really talk to their friends about how many megabytes they downloaded last night?

Lawyers also have a reputation for using complicated jargon. They seem to speak their own language that can confuse ordinary members of the public.

It can make contracts hard to understand and lead people to make the wrong decisions, yet much of the time this is down to the use of overly complicated terms which can easily be simplified.

Saga Legal’s new TV advert shows a good example of how life would be if everyone spoke like a lawyer. It shows a pub using jargon rather than ordinary language, such as describing beer as a “hop-based beverage.”

While the ad is designed to highlight the lighter side of speaking straight, it’s important to choose a representative that’s as hard-working for you as they are straight-talking.

The other side of legalese

We are all likely going to need support, both professionally and personally, when making big legal decisions such as buying a home or writing a will. Choosing the wrong legal firm to handle important life situations could cost you thousands in fees and leave you and your loved ones in a financial mess.

The key to making sure everything goes smoothly is by picking a solicitor who speaks your language, so you understand every step of the way.

So next time you are buying a house make sure you understand what your conveyancer and mortgage advisor are telling you before you get the keys to your new home.

Or if you are taking legal advice when setting out your legacy in a will, make sure you are clear on the paperwork as a small error or simple mistake could leave your loved ones in an emotional and financial pickle after you are gone.

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