The history the Ford Mustang

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When people use the word ‘classic’ it’s often got one of two meanings, it can either refer to something old or something that is timeless in the best possible way. Cars are regularly put into the category of ‘classics’ with even motorsport championships set up specifically for classic cars to race against each other.

Petrol heads tend to use the term in abundance with everyone having their own views on what defines a classic car. Porsche lovers will prefer the original 911, Aston Martin fans would choose the DB5 perhaps, but Ford fans will always go for the Mustang. It first went into production back in 1964 in Michigan and soon started to spread further afield into Europe and even Australia. Today, you can still find classic and modern Ford models at Ford in Weslaco TX and they can find any parts you need for your ‘classic.’

A worker waxes a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang during the Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event in Pasay City, the Philippines

A worker waxes a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang during the Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event in Pasay City, the Philippines

The Mustang became the most successful car ever created by Ford in its early days with its trendsetting designs and characteristically long bonnet. It was one of the first sports cars ever created by Ford in an attempt to take hold of the category, and even prompted their rivals to do something about it in an attempt to stop the dominance, with Chevrolet producing the Camaro and Toyota coining the Celica.

Over the years the Mustang has gone through a series of developments and redesigns and it’s safe to say we’re now on the “mark five”. The first generation of Mustang’s were two-seater coupe’s with a mid-mounted V4 engine, becoming an almost instantaneous hit with customers. In fact, it was such a hit that they went straight back to the drawing board in an attempt to develop the second generation.

This was rolled out onto the market in 1974 known as the Mustang II. This was smaller physically but more fuel efficient, showing that all the time spent developing the engine was worthwhile from a consumer stand point.

In 1979, the Mustang GT was released and was the first model that could seat up to four people. The engine bay had been extended as the whole car grew, and there were now a variety of Mustang models available with the coupe, convertible and hatchback all on the market.

The first major overhaul of the Mustang came in 1994 were the release of the fourth generation. Given the name the SN-95, it had rear-wheel drive and all new styling.

Then we have the present models, the mark five or fifth generation of the Mustang, known as the GT and CS convertible. It was first released at the North American Auto Show in 2004 and is still going strong today.

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