The hilarious tube sign directing lost Beatles fans in search of iconic zebra crossing to the right Abbey Road

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The sign at the Abbey Road station featuring Beatles lyrics to direct lost tourists to the iconic zebra crossing

The sign at the Abbey Road station featuring Beatles lyrics to direct lost tourists to the iconic zebra crossing

Confused tourists who have been mistakenly visiting a docklands light railway station called Abbey Road looking for the historic Beatles zebra crossing have been offered this tongue-in-cheek travel advice by London transport bosses.

The humorous signs were erected at the East End station after fans accidentally kept turning up in their droves and wandering around looking for the historic landmark from the 1969 Abbey Road album.

Tourists had intended to be in the leafy north west London suburb of St John’s Wood more than 10 miles away – where the Fab Four recorded one of their most famous albums.

So Transport for London chiefs decided to put up a helpful customer notice offering directions from the West Ham-based station to the more well known Abbey Road.

But witty workers have weaved the titles of four classic Beatles songs into the signs, which have been erected by the station entrance and one of the platforms.

The handy advice at the station – which opened in August 2011 – reads: “Day tripper, looking for the Beatles pedestrian crossing?

“Unfortunately you are at the wrong Abbey Road. However We can work it out and help you get back to the correct location.

“Take the DLR one stop to West Ham and change to a Jubilee line train to St John’s Wood station.

“Passengers need a ticket to ride.”

Tourists who turned up asking locals for directions to the zebra crossing expressed their amusement at the sign – after getting over the initial disappointment at being at the wrong station.

Adrijana Maric, 30, who was visiting London from Bulgaria, said: “It’s pretty confusing.

“How is somebody who has never been to this country before know which one is which.

The famous Abbey Road zebra crossing which featured on the front cover of a Beatles album

The famous Abbey Road zebra crossing which featured on the front cover of a Beatles album

The sign at the Abbey Road railway station

The sign at the Abbey Road railway station

“I do like the sign though – it is very British humour.”

While oversees IT student Nanja Alma, 21, added: “It’s the only Abbey Road on the tube map, so I just assumed it was here.

“I love the sign though, it kind of softens the blow of being 10 miles the wrong direction.”

Commuter Alex Lonsdale, 33, who lives in West Ham, said: “It’s been quite annoying actually – the station is always full of baffled tourists wandering around.

“I suppose you’ve got to laugh at it though and it looks like that is what Tfl have done.

“It makes a nice change to signs constantly telling you about engineering works, that’s for sure.”

A Transport for London spokesperson said yesterday: “Some visitors to London have been taking the name of the DLR station as indicating the location of the Abbey Rd recording studio made famous by the Beatles and their album, Abbey Road.

“This poster displayed at the station will help them find their way to where they want to be.

“We hope the humour in it may help alleviate their dismay at finding themselves so far off course as they realise they are not the only ones to have made the mistake.”

The new station caused a stir when it was first opened with business owners in St John’s Woods calling on Transport for London bosses to change the name of the DLR station to put an end to the confusion.

The Abbey Road crossing was recently voted the number one “must see” Beatles site in the UK on TripAdvisor.

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  1. Jim says:

    There are actually five Beatles songs on the sign. You neglected to mention The End.

  2. Mr Haney says:

    There are in fact 6 Beatles songs on the sign.

  3. Whatsittoya says:

    Wrong! There are SIX Beatles songs on the sign. Don’t forget ‘Help’.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised the local gangs of Newham haven’t seen this a a great opportunity to rob hapless American tourists.

  5. Traveler says:

    It is Done with lots of love for The Beatles and kindness to the tourists who can’t be bothered to check out where they are going!

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