Police taser reveller at Royal Wedding Party

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This is the moment a reveller contorts his body and screams in agony as he is tasered by police – as he lies on the ground.

Police taser defenceless victim

Stefan Naumczyk, 19, was celebrating at a Royal Wedding street party when he was smacked to the ground by the high-powered weapon after he smashed a bottle on the pavement.

But footage taken on a mobile phone seconds later – as he lies prone on the floor – shows two policemen pinning him down with two others looking on as he apparently gives up.

They handcuff Stefan before they zap him with the taser a second time as he gasps and writhes on the ground in agony as the volts charge through his body.

Dozens of furious onlookers roar in anger as the officers discharge the weapon for a second time before they escorted the cuffed man to a police vehicle.

The incident, which involves Devon and Cornwall Police, has now been referred to the Independent Police Complains Commission to investigate.

Speaking yesterday, Stefan, of Falmouth Cornwall, said he was considering whether to lodge a formal complaint.

He said: ”I could hear someone say something about a Taser. Then it hit me in the back, and I went down. I think I screamed in agony.

”When I was able to speak again. I held my hands up and said ‘I give up’ then they put handcuffs on me.

”I rolled over to catch my breath and open my eyes and then they tasered me again.”

Stefan was attending a street party to celebrate the Royal wedding along with 500 other people in Falmouth on April 29 when he smashed a bottle on the floor.

He admits he had been drinking, but insists he offered to clean up the mess after he was confronted by officers from Devon and Cornwall police.

But one officer shouted ‘taser’ before discharging the weapon, which caused him to collapse in agony as officers swooped to ensure he was no danger.

Police taser defenceless victim

But as he lay defenceless on the ground, one onlooker started filming the arrest on their mobile phone as the weapon is discharged for a second time.

The furious crowd are heard shouting ‘police brutality’ and ‘leave him’ as he writhes in agony before being dragged away, apparently unable to walk unaided.

Stefan was arrested, held overnight and cautioned by police for being drunk and disorderly and released the following day.

But the force has referred the incident to the regulatory authority, the IPCC, but insist they have received no complaints over the arrest.

Stefan is now considering whether to make a formal complaint himself, as he believes the level of force used was unjustified.

He added: ”If I had a gun, that would be completely justified but I was walking away from breaking a bottle.

”I had apologised and offered to clear it up and that was when it happened.”

Onlooker Sarah Bush, who also attended the party, said: ”You could see him smash the bottle and the police were next to him trying to control him.

”One of them tasered him and handcuffed him but then he was tasered again which made the crowd angry and things got darker.”

Police guidelines say that Tasers should only be used once if a person has a danger to the public or the police.

Devon and Cornwall Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton said: ”A man was tasered and arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

”The person involved has admitted his crime and accepted a police caution.

”Following this incident although no complaint has been received by the police, the matter has been referred to the IPCC.

”An investigation has now begun into what happened during the arrest.”

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