Heartless woman sold her sick mother-in-law’s house… to buy £200k hair extensions

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Jacqueline Taylor sold her relative's home for expensive hair treatments

Jacqueline Taylor sold her relative’s home for expensive hair treatments

A woman swindled £200,000 by selling her sick mother-in-law’s house behind her back and spent the cash on hair extensions, a court heard.

Jacqueline Taylor, 40, left Jean Taylor penniless so she could enjoy expensive hair treatments.

Mother-of-three Talyor had taken control of Jean’s affairs after she fell ill but she then sold her house without telling her.

Taylor, Plymouth, Devon, sold the home to an investor who thought they were renting it back to Jean.

But Jean did not find out until she started receiving notices from bailiffs demanding rent at her home.

Meanwhile Talyor was spending the money on holidays and thousands of pounds on regular hair extensions, a court heard.

Taylor admitted four counts of fraud by false representation and one of fraud by abuse of position and was jailed for two-and-a half years at Plymouth Crown Court.

Sean taylor, one of Jean’s sons, described her as “pure evil”.

Speaking after the hearing he said: ”My mother now has nothing – she has been cleared out.”

The court heard Taylor managed to sell the home by using a “criminal” firm of solicitors and a now-dissolved mortgage company.

Taylor found an interested buyer who had advertised for homes in the area and organised the sale – faking Jean’s signature on transfer papers and making up witnesses,

She made £120,000 from the sale and also made over £20,000 from an earlier remortgage. The total scam was for around £200,000, the court heard.

Prosecutor Jo Martin said Taylor started stealing from her mum-in-law in 2008.

Jean had started suffering from ill health so Taylor was handed responsibility for her finances.

After swindling the cash, the court heard how Taylor “frittered” it away on gym memberships, holidays to Turkey, car loans and regular hair extensions.

Prosecutor Jo Martin said: ”It turned out the defendant had sold her house.

“She had answered an advert in a newspaper which matched those who wanted to sell quickly to investors.”

The court heard Jean Taylor had since been handed back the title of her home by the Land Registry and the buyer lost “a substantial amount of money”.

Judge Paul Darlow jailed Taylor for two-and-a-half years.

He said: “This was a gross abuse of trust. It was pre-meditated and calculated.”

Jacqueline is already serving time behind bars for framing her deaf neighbours in a credit card scam.

In 2011, she took out bank loans and credit cards in her deaf neighbours’ names and intercepted their mail – spending £15,000 on living a life of luxury.

She was jailed for three years for the scam after pleading guilty to seven counts of theft and twelve of fraud.

The two-and-a-half year sentencing will run consecutively to her previous three year jail term of which she has served 10 months.

None of the money she stole has ever been recovered, the court heard.

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