Heartless thieves steal pendant given to daughter by terminally ill father

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Police are hunting low-life burglars who broke into a woman’s home and stole a pendant given to her daughter by her terminally ill father as a final memento before he died.

Heartbroken Grace Fynn , nine, was given the white gold necklace, which was engraved with the touching words “Love you, Dadda”, by her late dad Jon.

The tragic 32-year-old gave the piece of jewellery to his beloved daughter when she was just two years old – knowing he had just weeks to live.

Helen Flynn and her daughter Grace

Helen Flynn and her daughter Grace


Grace's father Jon Flynn who died in 2005

Grace’s father Jon Flynn who died in 2005

But Grace and mum Helen, 37, were left heartbroken when the priceless pendant was stolen following a burglary at their home in Halam, Nottingham, on Tuesday October 16.

Raiders smashed a glass door and made off with wedding rings and Helen’s engagement ring along with Grace’s precious necklace.

The valuable star-shaped pendant was affectionately known as ‘Daddy’s Star’ by Grace and her mum because of its distinctive shape.

Jon gave the necklace to Grace shortly before his death in September 2005, just eight months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Yesterday (Mon), Helen urged the thieves to “have a heart” and return the jewellery to her distraught daughter.

Grace wearing the treasured necklace she was given by her late father that was then stolen by thieves

Grace wearing the treasured necklace she was given by her late father that was then stolen by thieves

She said: “I was devastated when I realised we’d been burgled. I felt quite violated and very frightened.

“My little girl is terrified, although luckily she was at my mum’s house when I came home and found out.

“I’m trying not to think of it as personal because it clearly wasn’t, but I think the people who did it are despicable and heartless.

“If anyone out there comes across the necklace I just want them to consider our feelings and return it. Please find it in your heart.

“We call it daddy’s star – he sits on a star and watches her.

“He had it made because he knew he was going to die so it was something she’d have to remember him by.

“We coped after Jon’s death because we are a close family, but this does bring it all back.

“We’ll just do what we always do, get through it together. We won’t be beaten down by it.”

Helen, a tearoom supervisor, said the thieves also took a stereo, DVD player, laptop, netbook and mobile phone.

The couple’s wedding rings are white gold with grooves around the middle, and Helen’s engagement ring is a diamond solitaire, also in white gold.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman said inquiries were ongoing and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

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