Heartbreaking! : Pascal The Puppy Was Covered In Industrial Glue Then Dragged Through Mud By Kids

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A defenceless puppy is on the road to recovery after he was covered in industrial glue and dragged through mud by cruel kids.

Heartbreaking images have emerged of Pascal the puppy looking terrified and in serious discomfort following the sickening act.

The children put so much glue on him it acted like a cement with one of his ears becoming necrotic because it was starved of blood.

Pascal, who is believed to be just four months old, could hardly move and resembled a dead dog where rigor mortis had started to set in.

Pascal the puppy

Pascal the puppy (He’Art of Rescue / SWNS)

The poor animal was found near an industrial estate in Istanbul and is being looked after by He’Art of Rescue.

Despite being tormented by children, Pascal appears relatively calm when vets have been caring for him, removing the matted fur which had been bounded together with the sticky substance.

Luckily he has no contagious diseases and is being treated for his poorly condition with antibiotics and painkillers.

Pascal before and after

Pascal before and after (He’Art of Rescue / SWNS)

Nur Rima Yola, founder of He’Art of Rescue, said: “Pascal was in a miserable state when I first saw him inside that box. He was not moving, he had frozen, very scared and very traumatised.

“After the glue has been removed, he stood in shock for one day. He was even turning his back to hide when he sees people.

“Since yesterday he is doing better, slowly getting used to the staff in the clinic, of course love is being poured to him.

“He especially bonded with one of the doctors who is in charge of him, Hasan Akin. They are best buddies.”

Pascal the puppy with doctor Hasan Akin. (He'Art of Rescue / SWNS)

Pascal the puppy with doctor Hasan Akin. (He’Art of Rescue / SWNS)

While many will have written Pascal off, medical staff and He’Art of Rescue are dedicating their time to helping the puppy recover before finding him a new home.

The malnourished mutt has already picked up admirers from around the world with more than 300,000 people viewing footage of the brave dog this week.

He’Art of Rescue, which specialises in rescuing cats and dogs found in awful conditions, is appealing for help as they rehabilitate Pascal and other animals.

Rima added: “We know his soul will mend in time and the adoptive family will play a major role in this. Our medical team is doing everything for him.”

He’Art of Rescue Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/HeArtOfRescue2012/

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