Heart-Warming Moment Shop Security Guard Spontaneously Bursts Into Duet With A Customer

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Video grab of the moment a shop security guard burst into a duet with a customer - in perfect pitch

Video grab of the moment a shop security guard burst into a duet with a customer – in perfect pitch

This video shows the heart-warming moment when a supermarket security guard burst into a duet with a customer – in perfect pitch.

Doorman Keith Davis, 60, broke into a feel-good rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘The Wonder of You’ alongside shopper Mandy Allport in front of surprised shoppers.

The spontaneous sing-along was captured on camera by 54-year-old Mandy’s work pal Sharon Hanna at her local Sainsbury’s last Sunday (22/1).

The singing duo have since become a viral sensation, with new customers flooding into the Eastwood store in Nottingham to ask Keith to sing for them.

But grandfather-of-seven Keith, who has worked at Sainsbury’s for eight months, won’t be leaving his day job and insists he sings to make customers happy.

SWNS_SHOP_DUET_03Keith, of Mansfield, said: “I had never seen Mandy before but she said she could sing so I just sang the first song that came to my head and she joined in.

“It was strange how it all happened but she’s got a very nice voice.

“I’ve always liked to do a bit of karaoke and sing in front of my grandchildren. I sing most days, whatever comes into my head.

“That’s just me, I love to sing and I love to make people happy. If I can make somebody smile at work then that makes my day.”

Since the video was posted on Facebook on , Mandy and Keith’s duet has been viewed over 64,000 times.

Mum-of-one Mandy Allport, from Nottingham, said: “It was all rather impromptu and I’d never met Keith before.

“Sharon told him that I was a songbird and he asked me to pick a song but I couldn’t decide.

“So he started singing, pitch perfect he was, and I managed to join in. It as amazing, my mum was a massive Elvis Presley fan and I love that song.

“I used to sing in a choir but I’m not involved in one at the moment.

“It really was a special moment and was so spontaneous. I think it would encourage more people to have a sing-along.

“Everyone from the shop, check out assistants and other customers were all stood around watching.

“It looks like we’ve gone viral. My son absolutely loves it and says that I’ve become Facebook famous. I can’t believe it.”

Mandy Allport

Mandy Allport

Mandy and Sharon, who both work at local charity Mencap, had been out for a meal when they popped into Hilltop Sainsbury’s in Eastwood, Nottingham.

Sharon, 52, added: “It was at my local Sainsbury’s. The security guard Keith is super friendly, chatty to everybody and he has been known to sing a few Christmas songs to everyone.

“As we got to the front of the queue he started singing and I said to him that my friend Mandy was a bit of a songbird.

“It was just one of those feel-good moments and it’s had such a fantastic response.

“Mandy and Keith have become friends since they sang together and lots more people have come into the store asking him for selfies or to have another sing with him.

“He normally sings or hums to himself but I’ve never seen him go all out before – it was a really precious moment.”

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