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Sponsored – 90 is a big number in anyone’s book. Even more so when it is attached to someone’s Birthday. And doubly so when that’s someone’s Birthday just happens to be Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The lands longest reigning Monarch and an inspiration to us all. So it seems only fitting that to honour this wonderful woman’s 90th Birthday, that The Royal Mint does it in style with a host of commemorative coins for you to choose from and add to your numismatic portfolio.

Just one such coin is the new £5 coin which fittingly is adorned by roses. A real favourite of The Queen.

The Queen has approved the special edition piece, which features a garland of roses in recognition of her fondness for flowers and nature, and was designed by acclaimed artist and sculptor Christopher Hobbs.

The Royal Mint is also offering a free £5 coin gift to pensioners who turn 90 on the same day as the Queen. They can be nominated by friends or relatives via the organisation’s Facebook page.

Mr Hobbs said: “My design for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday coin collection was inspired by the heraldic rose and the Queen’s love of flowers. The central ‘EIIR’ is surrounded by a classical wreath of celebration. I have tried to make the roses more natural than heraldic, each one different from the other.”

The coin is in keeping with the tradition that The Royal Mint has also struck special commemorative coins for The Queen’s 70th and 80th Birthdays and also other significant dates during her 64-year reign.

Speaking of their involvement with this auspicious occasion, Anne Jessop, the Royal Mint’s director of commemorative coin said, “We are very proud to be celebrating this important occasion together with the nation.” She went on to say, “The Royal Mint has been making coinage for Britain’s monarchs for over 1,000 years, so we are very proud to be celebrating this important occasion together with the nation, with a coin bearing Christopher Hobbs’ strong yet feminine floral coin design.

“Coins produced to celebrate the Queen becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch in 2015 were very well received, with some ranges selling out completely.

“We anticipate that coins created for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday will prove equally popular with members of the public wishing to mark this historic occasion.”

The £5 coin has been issued in a variety of finishes and metals, from mint condition “brilliant uncirculated” coins, to editions struck in the Royal Mint’s high quality “proof” finish in platinum, gold and silver.

But this is of course not the only commemorative coin that The Royal Mint has struck to mark his occasion. There is of course also a £20 silver coin to lay your hands on.

The latest £20 coin in their Commemorative Fine Silver Coin series also features a celebratory wreath of roses created by Christopher Hobbs and the coin and design has also been approved by The Queen herself. The coin is struck in fine silver, finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard, and is available in strictly limited numbers.

All coins made by The Royal Mint are legal tender, whether commemorative or circulating. However, only circulating legal tender coins are designed to be spent and traded at businesses and banks.

This coin is a commemorative coin so banks, post offices and shops will not accept them. But why would you want to part company with such a beautiful coin just so you could purchase a few grocery items. That would be madness.

It’s designed to be treasured. Much in the same way that our longest reigning Monarch should be.

And speaking of treasures. Make sure that you visit the newly refurbished Hallmark Coins website where you are sure to bag a great rare coins or collection of them at an even rarer great price.

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