H2-oh no! Exotic supercars damaged by flood water

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This was the devastating scene after millions of pounds worth of exotic supercars were damaged – when the car park of one of the world’s most exclusive apartment blocks FLOODED.

H2-oh no  Exotic supercars damaged by flood water


The St Regis Apartments on Singapore’s coastline cost up to £10million and the basement car park is packed with luxury motors.

But the multi-millionaire residents are counting the cost after a warning system failed to alert them to potential flooding.

As a result a dozen supercars were submerged up to their wheel arches – including a yellow Ferrari 458 Italia and green Lamborghini Gallardo parked next to each other.

Supercar owners have to pay huge taxes on flash cars in Singapore, with the models costing significantly more than they would in the UK.

As a result both the Lamborghini and Ferrari cost more than £550,000 while a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked nearby costs a staggering £885,000 – £550,000 MORE than in the UK.

H2-oh no  Exotic supercars damaged by flood water


A £450,000 Aston Martin V12 Vantage and £250,000 Porsche 911 were also victims of the flood, which caused major damage to a nearby shopping centre in Singapore’s commercial hub.

It’s feared the cost of repairing the vehicles will run into tens of thousands if water has made its way into the interiors or affected the electrics.

Tommy Wareham, from prestige car dealer SuperVettura, said: ”If the dirty flood water has managed to get inside the cars it could deform and stain the interior which would be very costly to replace.

H2-oh no  Exotic supercars damaged by flood water


”The biggest fear is that some of the motorists may have tried to have started their cars which could suck water into the engine.

”I’d recommend the owners have a water inspection which could be a long, painstaking and possibly expensive job.

”These certainly aren’t the sort of pictures insurance companies want to see!”


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