Gun club blasts Porsche 911 with 10,000 bullets

June 22, 2011 | by | 3 Comments

Ever dreamed of taking revenge when you’re cut up at the lights by a flashy sports car?

Gun club riddles Porsche 911 with 10,000 bullets

Well these pictures will be a dream come true … a Porsche 911 riddled with 10,000 BULLETS.

The silver sports car was donated to an American gun club by a wealthy motorist who was fed-up with the vehicle’s constant engine problems.

Massachusetts group Comm2A – which campaigns to protect US gun laws – parked the German motor in a firing range and allowed 130 members to shoot at will.

Gun club riddles Porsche 911 with 10,000 bullets

Men, women and children fired off more than 10,000 rounds using machine guns and automatic weapons to leave the Porsche a bullet-riddled shadow of its former self.

The incredible pictures were taken at the weekend by video game animator John Beauchemin who was one of the 140 people to fire weapons at the car.

He said: ”The car was 100 yards from the line, and we had lots of new and inexperienced shooters and people using pistols.

Gun club riddles Porsche 911 with 10,000 bullets

”We were accurate enough to shoot the spokes out of the wheels pretty quickly when someone suggested it.

”I managed to put a few rifled 12ga slugs into her myself – I just wanted to destroy something beautiful.

”Fun times were had by all – except the Porsche.”

Gun club riddles Porsche 911 with 10,000 bullets

This silver Porsche 911 had suffered a number of problems to the engine and cooling system and was going to cost the owner more than £10,000 to put right.

So instead of fixing the sports car he gave it to Comm2A, which campaigns to ”reserve and expand the rights of gun owners” in north-east USA.

They teamed up with Northeast Shooters in New England and placed the Porsche in a makeshift ‘no parking’ spot on a shooting range before opening fire on the machine.

Comm2A president Brent Carlton said: ”We have seen people shoot cars in the past but we think this is the first time anyone has shot up a Porsche.

”We’re incredibly grateful to the owner for donating the car and he seemed more than happy too – he took the first shot.”

Mr Carlton confirmed that 130 people attended the event on Saturday, which was held in New England and raised $4,000 for the organisation.

The 2001 Porsche 911 was taken to a nearby scrapyard after the event.


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  1. William says:

    I like guns,   Been shooting and collecting guns for over 65 years.  I have a collection of PORSCHES as well 

    I think these guys these guys are genuine IDIOTS.  All of them.

    There is NO way a  SANE  person could justify this action.   This is FUN????    

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Have nots” always like to destroy what they could never attain!

    • Serfs Up says:

      Could it also be said that the “haves” attain, or in most cases are gifted material wealth in place of ever learning how to take perspective in life?

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